An essay examining Alfieri's role in a

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An essay examining Alfieri’s role in a “View from a Bridge”

Alfieri was born in Italy. He is in his fifties. He is good humoured and thoughtful. He is a family lawyer sorting out family difficulties. He introduces the play and acts as a character. He is the narrator that is watching the action on stage. Alfieri is probably the most important role after Eddie.

        One of the most important roles of Alfieri is that he is the narrator of this play. He tells the story. He gives us hints into what is going to happen in the following scenes. He introduces the play and all the new scenes. He also usually ends the scene and he finishes the play. This next quotation is an example of Alfieri introducing Act Two.

    “On the twenty-third of that December a case of Scotch whisky slipped from a net while being unloaded-”. This introduction goes on to introduce the scene and what usually happens at Christmas and what the rest of the family are doing. Alfieri gives his views on the play. We can be sure that these opinions of his will not be biased in any way because Alfieri is a lawyer and in Brooklyn there are two sides to it the rich side where all the famous are and where the people with high paid jobs are like lawyers and doctors and actors live, but Alfieri works for the people on the other side of Brooklyn where all the low income family’s live and where all the poverty is. So we can say that Alfieri is the “View from the Bridge” He is the middle man he knows both sides of the story. Alfieri tells this story backwards, as he has already witnessed the story Miller has told. Alfieri evicts himself from the people, who live in the poverty area by saying in his opening speech this,

    “They tell me the people in this neighbourhood.”

If Alfieri wanted to include himself in the neighbourhood he would have used the word, “We,” instead of, “the people.” This also adds to the point of Alfieri being “The view From the  Bridge,” because when he excludes himself from the group of people that Eddie is in he cannot possibly be biast because he has know social connection with this group of people.

        Alfieri helps us to understand the play, he comments on the action in the previous scene and gives his views and he also gives a hint into what is going to happen in the next scene. When Alfieri speaks at the end of every scene, this help us to understand and break the play down into small chunks so that audience has more time to take in what has just happened. The audience has more time to stop and think and create their own opinions about what has just happened in the previous scene. Alfieri start and finishes the play , he brings the play to a tidy end, making the audience understand it better, because if the play had just ended when Eddie was killed then the audience would have thought that an unsatisfactory ending and that may have caused confusion with some members of the audience. Alfieri explains the actions of the characters. For example when Eddie comes to see Alfieri, he explains why Eddie comes to talk to him. “I had represented his father in an accident case some years before, and I was acquainted with the family in a casual way.”

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By giving this background information to the audience it gives reason for this and it gives reason for putting this in the play. It all adds to making the play more understandable. Each scene is a representation of a stage in their life. Arthur Miller can leave large chunks out of the play because Alfieri fills them in. If Alfieri wasn’t there and Arthur Miller left large chunks of time out the play would be confusing and because Alfieri is there he, again explains the play. As the narrator Alfieri is a very powerful character within the play as he ...

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