Analyse three poems - "Havisham", "Hitcher" & "The man he killed".

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I am going to analyse three poems these being “Havisham”, “Hitcher” & “The man he killed”. The authors, which are, Carol Ann Duffy, Simon Armitage and pre 1914 poetry.

The first poem Havisham is about a lady who is left at the alter on her wedding day and she is cursing her fiancé. The woman is called Ms Havisham from the novel “great expectations”, she shows hate towards him, and (she is a feminist).

The beginning of the poem starts with “beloved sweetheart bastard” the “beloved sweetheart” is a positive comment and “bastard” is a negative comment, which shows an oxymoron that love is hate and hate is love.

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The line “spinster I stink and remember” she’s saying she still is wearing her wedding dress from the day of her wedding and she hasn’t taken it off. This shows she is emotionally hurt and she is not letting go of the past.

The last line of the poem “don’t think it’s only the heart that b-b-b-breaks” the last word shows onomatopoeia. It lets the reader here the desperate sounds. This poem is overall about a lady from a book called great expectations who was held up at the Alter and can’t let go of her past.

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