Analysis of Carol Ann Duffy's "$".

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Carol Ann Duffy - $

The title of this poem is “$” and is part of Carol Ann Duffy’s fisrt collection, Standing Female Nude which was released in 1985.

The title gives no hint about what the poem may be about, except for the fact that it is about money, and in particular, American money. Instead of writing the word “dollar,” she chose to use the symbol instead, meaning her poem could be one that symbolises something that affects her strongly.

Carol Ann Duffy was in her late twenties to early thirties when she wrote this poem, at the time she was beginning to be recognised as an extremely talented writer, and she had completed her first play “Take My Husband” in 1982.

At first this poem seems like a stanza of nonsense but upon closer analysis it is very complex and has many meanings. It is like a song and starts off “A one a two a one two three four -” which can be heard by many singers and musicians at the start of a song when they are counting themselves in on a beat.

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The words are similar to that of jazz and scat singers from the forties who would use random vocals and gibberish to create melodies and rhythms without the use of instruments.

The first sentence “Boogie woogie chou chou cha cha chatta noogie” represents the dancing associated with the music and the third sentence “da doo ron da doo run doo wop a sha na” are lyrics from the song “Da Doo Run Run” by The Crystals. Each sentence in the poem either represents a certain song or a particular music style within the blues genre. The last line ends with ...

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