Analysis of The Great Gatsby By F Scott Fitzgerald and The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseni

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“The Great Gatsby” By F Scott Fitzgerald

  1. I find it interesting how F Scott Fitzgerald opens the ‘The great Gatsby’ by introducing the reader to the narrator. But it isn’t a normal introduction such as we don’t find out who this person is; instead Fitzgerald indulges into the narrators past. We find out advice that his father used to give him; ‘whenever you feel like criticizing anyone just remember that all the people in the world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had’. This gives the impression that the narrator is tolerant and has strong morals and family values. As a result of this people tell him their life stories later on in the book.  
  2. The ending of the novel is particularly interesting as message of the novel is summed up in the last couple of lines.  Nick the narrator closes the novel with characteristic prose.  Nick sees the ‘green light’ as the ‘unattainable dream’ he thinks that as Gatsby’s dream of the future was rooted in the past, it would never be achieved due to that. The word ‘orgastic’ has been used by nick which is an unusual word therefore it makes the future seem unfamiliar and exciting. Nick also knows that the green light will never be reached for that reason his message never reaches a conclusion due to the long dashes and ellipses showing interruptions. Gatsby tries to relive the past with daisy but also break away from his past life in the west. This is an unrealistic and impossible dilemma.  He also fails to overcome the class barrier which separates him and daisy which means that he cannot escape his past. It is also interesting because Nick recognises that Gatsby represents humanity’s endless capacity for hope even when all the evidence suggests otherwise; no one can escape the past.
  3. The setting in this novel is very important as it shows the reader the different classes and the divide between the characters which helps tell the story.  Fitzgerald sets the story in an altered version of long island and Manhattan; the Great Neck and Manhasset Neck become the East and West eggs. Each area represents different elements of the 1920s lifestyle.  Such as the Midwest is old fashioned and represents family values, for example the Carraway family that nick is from; he describes them as a “prominent, well-to-do”.  The Midwest could also be seen as dishonest under the surface, because the “founder” of the Carraways avoided the civil war by sending a “substitute”.

Fitzgerald uses imagery to stress the novel’s themes. There is a lot of animal imagery in the novel such as when Gatsby looks out towards Daisy’s clock and nicks illustrates the “loud, bright night, with wings beating in the trees”.  Plant imagery has also been used which fills the scenes with scent and colour. Fitzgerald sometimes links the imagery to different character’s personalities such as Gatsby buying a greenhouse of flowers to impress Daisy could be seen as Gatsby thinking he can buy her affection.  The structure of the novel is able to make Gatsby seem like a tragic hero. This is because before the beginning of the novel Gatsby’s has already died which gives his death a predetermined quality therefore it is inescapable. The novel is based on the central chapter; chapter 5, this is due to the union of Gatsby and Daisy, the first couple of chapters build up to their meeting while the second half deals with the consequences of the union.  

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Fitzgerald uses a narrator to tell his story; nick caraway. Nick doesn’t know all the facts, which means that as the novel proceeds Gatsby is introduced slowly as a shadowy figure through Nick’s memories of him. Nick could seem as a trustworthy narrator as he claims himself that he is tolerant, a good listener and an open minded person (due to the quote at the beginning of the book from his father).  He is also on edge of both of the social circles due to the fact that he is connected to rich people but isn’t rich enough or that ...

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