Analysis of 'You're' by Sylivia Plath

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Analysis of ‘You’re’ by Sylvia Plath

        In the poem ‘You’re’ the main theme is of an unborn child inside the womb of the narrator. It is describing how the narrator views this unborn child and her hopes for its future. We don’t know if the poet is the narrator, as it doesn’t characterise or identify the narrator in any way. The poem uses a lot of metaphors and on the first read; it is very difficult to understand what the poem is actually about. The narrator in the poem sounds more likely to be a female than a male, as the descriptions that are used like ‘my little loaf’ make it sound like it is inside the woman, and the woman is describing how she feels about it.

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        The tone of the poem is very light, and cheerful. Almost all of the words used in this poem are words usually associated with things that make people happy, like clowns, food and holidays. Words like ‘stars’ and ‘clownlike’ give the poem a happy feel as clowns are associated with happiness and stars are bright and calming. You get the feeling that although this child hasn’t been born yet, the mother already feels very proud and protective over them. It creates a very happy mood throughout, as there is not one negative thing mentioned, and no unpleasant imagery created.

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