AQA ENGLISH LITERATURE B AS LEVEL recreative coursework on The Tempest

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 Re-Creative piece

 The day she was born was the day she died. I knew from that point onwards that my life would change forever. Never in all the fifty years of my existence had I faced a challenge as great as this- bidding my Rose farewell. The Rose who had stood by me throughout the years when I had nothing more than a shack made of stones to give her. The Rose who had bestowed upon me this beautiful blessing whom I now cradle in my arms- the epitome of her once striking mother, now as frail and feeble as an infant in the crib. But it was hard to appreciate this priceless gift while the bearer of the blessing was slowly withering away, leaving behind a piercing thorn lodged deep within the very core of my heart. My babe was dying before me and my back was breaking with each of her calloused breaths. I looked down at the bundle of joy in my arms and my eyes flickered over her innocent face, her bright green eyes, an epic contrast to her mother's faint mirage of green slowly lifted to meet my gaze and a sparkle began to emit from within the fathomless depths. I decided to name her Miranda, 'worthy of admiration' in the Latin tongue, and at that moment, I knew, just knew that I was going to do everything in my power to keep her safe.

I watched her grow through the years, motherless. I was both a mother and a father to her and it was proving more difficult day by day, especially since she was beginning to blossom and bloom into a very attractive young lady. I would constantly have to haul young men off her as a way of protecting her dignity and most importantly, her chastity. But she just didn't care. One person whom she loved to associate herself with especially was an old inmate of the island and son of the cursed witch, Sycorax. They would both spend countless hours together playing frivolous games such as 'cowboys and donkeys' whereby almost always, I would find Miranda dressed in my cloak and wearing my hat on her head, sitting on Caliban's back with a rope tied ruthlessly around his neck.

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"Miranda my darling, descend from this monster's back and provide me with my cloak and hat this instant."

She scowled at me haughtily, reluctantly got down from Caliban's back and shrugged off my cloak and hat.

"Father...why are you such a pain in the backside? His name is Caliban... and quit bossing me around so much!"  She cried stomping her foot on the ground.

The fury I felt at Miranda's defiant tone began to bubble and foam within me. Years of trying to prevent harm from reaching her, nurturing her, and she was purposely walking alongside the devil's spawn ...

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