As previously said, Brutus was a close friend of Caesars; however he joined the conspirators in the assassination of Caesar to prevent his ambitions getting 'out of hand'

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 An analysis of Mark Antony and Brutus’s speech after              the assassination of Caesar.

The play of ‘Julius Caesar’ was significant at the time because when Shakespeare wrote the play, the question of power was very sensitive. The reason that it was so sensitive was because Queen Elizabeth (the monarch at the time) had no descendants, therefore nobody really knew who was heir to the thrown. In the play ‘Julius Caesar’ the Roman emperor has large ambitions as he wanted to be the ultimate ruler or king. This is the point where twelve conspirators plot to put an end to these mighty ambitions; however, in amongst these conspirators one of his closest friends, Brutus. Brutus agreed with the eradication of Caesar completely, however they all feared Mark Antony, because they knew that he was a true friend of Caesar; therefore Mark feared for his life due to the conspirators. But if he tries to prevent the assassination of Caesar then he knew that he would also ‘disappear’. When the assassination of Caesar had taken place, and Rome found out about this, the two closest to Caesar gave speeches to calm them down; (Mark Antony and Brutus). The play also has relevance to today’s world, as in the Iraq war, this is because Saddam Hussein (monarch of Iraq) was getting too many ambitions( he did this by trying to take more land than what he had, therefore he resulted to cruelty to make his people scared; so in consequence hand him over whatever he wanted free of charge) and trying to become powerful. Therefore to solve this problem people who were once his friends allied against him to put an end to his ambitions, and stop Saddam before he gets too powerful.

Brutus was a close friend of Caesar; however he joined the conspirators in the assassination of Caesar to prevent his ambitions getting ‘out of hand’.

At the start of Brutus speech he uses a triple:

“Romans, countrymen, and lovers!”

The effect of this on the crowd is to try and get the feeling of a friendship across. It does this by firstly saying ‘Romans, countrymen’ .This gives the crowd a feeling that they are important; however straight after this, in the triple, he expresses ‘lovers!’ he   does this to make the crowd think that Brutus is no different to anybody else, and that he is the friend of everyone.

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 After this he uses flattery, “censure me in your wisdom” He does this to try to calm the angry crowd down; this works because it makes the crowd feel that they are wise and have valid opinions and are capable of making very rational opinions which the crowd like. Almost immediately after this Brutus makes use of pronouns “You may the better judge”

This is important because the effect of this is that it tries to identify a relationship between Brutus and the crowd.  

           Brutus then goes on to say ...

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