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Aspects Of Teenage Life

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Aspects Of Teenage Life School is not all bad, except for the teachers of course, but I have all my friends beside me and that is the best thing!! If it was not for school, I would not have known my best friend Janki and we would not experience the adventures nor the hilarity on the way home like we do. Throughout the school day, we are always waiting until it is time to go home, because we know that is when all the gossip begins!! We tell each other of all we know and that is what makes us so good at knowing other people's affairs!! If Janki knows something, which I do not and vice versa, we always tell each other of the news, and if there is something we know only a little of, we try to piece the puzzle together to get down to the gossip!! We think of ourselves as detectives, fine combing all comments and actions of people to get down to the gossip!! The majority of the time, we succeed to do this and there is always a juicy piece of gossip waiting to be tickled by our tongues!! ...read more.


Janki is original in every aspect. Her name for sure is unique, as I have never heard a girl named that before!! In addition, her personality is distinctive, as loud and rude as she is, she has a heart of gold. I do not think that I have ever met someone like Janki, who is a radical extrovert at one point and then an extreme introvert at the other!! Janki and me, completely different as we are, have formed a special friendship. I think it is true when people say that, 'Opposites attract,' for that is certainly the case for Janki and me. I am a girl who is sensible, polite and quiet (I am not sure if everyone would agree with me there!), and not in touch with my culture, to my parent's dismay!! Janki, on the other hand, is not so sensible, nor polite and definitely NOT quiet!! She is in touch with her culture and background though, which is something I admire about her, because so many teenagers have no traces of their ethnicity intact. One thing, however, which we definitely have in common, is that we are very observant!! ...read more.


I do not know what I would do without our walks. It is just a part of our day now, and we would feel odd if we did not get to chat to each other like we do. Sometimes, when Janki or me is absent, the other has to walk home by themselves. However, the day after, we do twice as much gossiping!! Our walks have developed over the years. When we first started to walk home with each other in year eight, we used to talk about general things, such as television programmes or music. Gradually, though, as we gained the pleasure, to know each other better, the walks became a time where we were totally ourselves and it has carried on that way. We do not hold back what we feel; on the contrary, we express our opinions freely. We have many debates about certain issues, as a great deal of the time; her opinions are different to mine. We never argue, but instead listen to what each other have to say. I have realised that at times she does have a good point about something I disagree on, and vice versa. What started, as small talk has now become 'Big' talk! MEMORIES CONCLUSION GENERAL BITS AND BOBS ...read more.

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