August 13 1967 - Diary entries.

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August 13 1967

Today was yet another wonderful day spent with my mother. We went to the local fair with my aunt and cousin whom I have not seen in a long time. We had a good time and enjoyed the time spent together. Sadly though today is my second last day to visit my mother. I am going to leave tomorrow on a train and head directly tot a small town called Wells where I will arrive late at night and switch trains. Then I will go strait back home to Pasadena. As always I am still trying to convince my mother move to Pasadena and with me where she can have a better life, but she is to attached to her home and will not move. But I am not going to give up I will keep asking her until she agrees because I know she could have a better life in Pasadena.

August 14 1967

The events of today were of the usual kind, only special by those I am visiting.

I awoke in my mother’s guest bedroom to the smell of eggs and bacon. I accompanied my mother at the kitchen table and enjoyed a full meal that I knew was being stretched in my benefit due to my mother current financial difficulties.

Day after day I remind her of the life she could have if she moved to Pasadena. But still she refuses to move; she is too attached to her home here.

Today is my final to visit. I will leave shortly and take a train all the way to a town called Wells. Then from there take another train home to Pasadena. Although I am sad to leave I am happy to know that I will be in the comfort of my own home shortly.

It is about 2 hours after my last entry and I have now left my mother’s house and am on my way to Wells where I will head home. I will be arriving quite late so there shouldn’t be too much commotion at the train station and the switch should be quick and simple. The train ride is going to be long and quiet. Most of the other passengers are asleep and it gives the false sense that I am almost completely alone on the train. I would also sleep but I do not want there to be any chance of me missing my stop because if I do I will have to probably spend the night somewhere else and find another train home in the morning.

Join now!

The train is pulling into the station now and I am going to put my diary away for a while to make the switch between trains. I want to be as quick as possible because I know that I want to be careful in a small southern town like this one.

August 15 1967

Last night turned out to be more of a handful than I had expected. When I arrived in Well I simply expected to switch trains. I got off of the train I had arrived on and patiently waited for my next train. But ...

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