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Aysha Bismillah 11R

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Aysha Bismillah 11R Drama GCSE- Evaluation of live performance The play was about a man called Dr Faustus who sold his soul to the devil for 24 years s he could live in luxury and get whatever he wanted with people waiting on him. When these 24 years come to an end Faustus regrets giving his soul to the devil and turns to God who forgives him. It was set in Whittenburg University in the 1500's. The theatre we watched the play in was small and intimate. This affected the performance because the audience were closer to the stage and this made the audience concentrate more. Faustus was a greedy character. He wanted luxury and power. The actor who played Faustus was loud and showed his emotions/feelings. His body language and facial expressions showed his confusion throughout the play. ...read more.


Faustus showed confusion through his facial expressions and his body language. He put his hands up to his face and asked himself questions trying to decide what to do. The pace was slowed to show the characters thinking in detail and there was tension between the two angels. Lucifer walked onto the stage slowly with a horrid facial expression that gave the audience the expression that she was mean and evil. The direction of both sides (good and evil) clearly showed the contrast. The good angel's had sweet voices and spoke nicely. The evil angel's had their own way of bringing Faustus to their side. They spoke quietly but the impact of their words was hard. The difference was powerful. The scene that showed each of the sins was convincing and dramatic. The scene that showed each of the sins was convincing and believable. ...read more.


They take their time and plan their attack wisely. The audience were not involved in the performance. They were bored at some bits where Faustus was talking to Lucifer and some bits where he was talking to himself. The audience were amused when the sins introduced themselves. There was no audience participation and in some scenes the atmosphere was almost deadly (e.g. the sins) and there was pin-drop silence. Slow music was used to create a creepy effect as time was running out before the clock strikes 12. Also it presented the angels as they moved into different positions. I found the deadly sins interesting because I liked comparing it to the work we did. It reminded me of the fashion show (miss 'sineverse') that we did and I compared each of their sins to ours. Ours was more humorous and had less of the script included in it. Overall I thought the play was interesting and used different dramatic techniques to convey their ideas. ...read more.

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