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Beowulf/Spiderman Essay

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Beowulf and Spiderman: Same yet Different Archetypal heroes obtain supernatural help in some way. In the Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf receives his help from God. Throughout the poem, there are references made to God and the Christian religion. Beowulf declares his success is because of God's presence. In the modern day New York City movie, Spiderman receives his help from science. Peter Parker gains his powers due to the innovations in the scientific world. Both heroes obtain help from something greater than them to help their different societies, showing that each society relies on everyday aid from God or science. Another trait common to archetypal heroes is that an event leads to the adventure or quest the hero partakes in. Beowulf's family's past and Grendel's attacks lead to Beowulf coming to save the Geats. Beowulf realizes he must save the people because Hrothgar has helped his father out of debt earlier. The murder of Peter's Uncle Ben causes Peter to use his new powers to help the people of New York City. Archetypal heroes are common in epic works and serve to have qualities that the common person can identify with and recognize in themselves (Vogler 36). Throughout the play, Beowulf frequently acknowledges God as his protector and assistor. Beowulf is born with supernatural strength, which he uses to defeat many creatures and further his heroic status. ...read more.


Beowulf's heroic story begins after Grendel's attacks on the Geats. Beowulf's father, Ecgtheow, was involved in a feud with another tribe and killed a member of their tribe. To save Ecgtheow's life, Hrothgar sent treasure to the tribe and he was then safe from harm. Beowulf feels that it is his job to aid Hrothgar after he had helped Beowulf's family. Beowulf arrives after Grendel has attacked Hrothgar's tribe and comes to kill him. Beowulf's excessive drive and passion to kill Grendel is due to that their tribe had saved his father previously. He leaves his comitatus to assist others in their fight against Grendel. Beowulf is fueled by his past to be the supreme hero and unstoppable. When Hrothgar asks Beowulf to kill Grendel's mother he quickly agrees because he wants to seek revenge for the Geats. In the Anglo-Saxon society, people would set out on adventures only after something made them. This reveals that the people don't think to go out of their way to do anything. They didn't think about the monster until it was their problem. They don't work to prevent problems that might happen in the future. In the movie, Peter Parker takes a field trip with his class to see a science laboratory at Columbia University. During the trip, a genetically altered spider bites him and he gains perfect vision, a more muscular physique, and spider-like qualities such as quick reflexes and the ability to produce webbing. ...read more.


somebody lied" (Spiderman). Until this happened, Peter had not planned on using his powers for anything more than fun. After he realizes that he can assist others and better New York City he decides to become a better person and help the people while fulfilling his heroic status. American society today is more worried about solving the problems we are faced with now than preventing future issues. Everyone is waiting for the moment to come in which they can shine rather than producing the moment themselves. In these works, Beowulf and Spiderman depict your typical archetypal heroes. They are opposites in the societies they live in but both show unique traits about the societies. They both rely on assistance from something greater than themselves. They also react to an event that leads to an adventure. Beowulf reveals how the people were religious and relied on God to influence and better their lives. He also demonstrates how the Geats were selfish and unconsciously waited for a problem to arise to take action rather than solve it before it began. Spiderman shows how without technology and science the modern society is just average and boring. With the help of science and technology people are made to seem greater than they actually are. Another side of the American society is shown as lackadaisical and unwilling to begin an adventure with no prior reason to commit. Archetypal heroes portray societal values of the societies in which they exist, leading to a better understanding of each culture. ...read more.

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