Black and Blue

The moonlight glistened through the window, peering through the blinds onto the bulk of muscle which lay upon the boy’s father. The boy looked upon his father and pleaded “please, dad, please” he cried out loud, tears were rolling from his eyes, dropping to the floor.

His father rose towering the boy, the boy was in darkness, blinded from light. His father struck the boy with his fist, deep into the boy’s stomach. The boy fell to his knees deprived of air and struggling to breathe. The pain was unbearable and he was unable to sustain his upper body upright. He fell to the floor.

*                   *                    *

His eyes were flickering open to reveal the natural light filling his bedroom. He turned to his right to avoid this and he saw his mother gazing upon him sadly.

“There was nothing I could do,” she said softly.

The boy ignored this and he got out of bed, he opened his closet draw and started to get changed.

His mother saw it and gave out a cry. It was a large bruise, black and blue, covered with veins and it was on the centre of his stomach. The mother reached out to the child and put her hand on her child’ shoulder, the child slowly brushed it away. He got his bag, swung it around his shoulder and left the house quickly.

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It was no different going to school than at home it was just as bad for the fourteen-year-old boy. He walked into school and he would get the occasional stare for the black eye that had been there for weeks. He would also get the same people addressing him as the “blue boy” as he had a record amount of bruises around his body. By now the boy was used to of all of this and the only person he could trust was his best friend Emma. The boy just caught a glance of her curly hair between a ...

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