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Blackberry Picking.

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Hasan Abdullah English Blackberry Picking The poem Blackberry Picking is basically based on childhood memories of the summer days spent blackberry picking. This poem is set in late August when the sunshine and rain of July have gone by and it going to soon approach fall, so it describes it as the right time. The first stanza sets the scene of the poet's childhood experience and the cheerfulness that the child feels in particular. The word choice "glossy purple," "its flesh was so sweet," emphasises the child's desire for these long awaited treasures. The first stanza is in a relaxed tone detailing the initial build up of the ripening berries and the pleasure received once their taste was "leaving stains on their tongues." The word hunger in the end of the first stanza tells us that they were very anxious and just too happy, like they were dieing for it. ...read more.


The language used is quite simple, so we shouldn't really have trouble understanding words as it isn't very complex. There aren't that many metaphors compared to the number of similes in this poem. There are many similes in this poem which are evenly spread out through the poem. Here's an example, "our palms sticky as Bluebeard's." There's another one in the end of line four and at the beginning of line six. The description of the berries in detail is used as a metaphor of the expectations and enthusiasm we hold for life. The kind of images the poet uses are more like of childhood. The poet starts out using images of happy moments of his childhood just like a dream. Talking about the joyful and happy things going on. In the middle of the poem he starts to use images of when everything is becoming joyful to the fullest extent and then ...read more.


In the first stanza it is quite cheerful bringing that colour into the poem, but it eventually dies out as it reaches the last stanza. The rhyme in this poem isn't very strong and there isn't much of it seen at all. The use of the half rhyme at the end of each sentence creates a steady, almost exaggerated pace as though trying to keep up with the excitement of the child who is blackberry picking. Half rhyme is the technique the poet has used if you notice closely, for example, "pots...our...peppered...Bluebeard's..." There are very little strong rhymes like, "clot...knot." The rhythm in this poem keeps going from the beginning all the way to the end. It starts just like a beginning of a joyful day and ends up sad as night falls. The first stanza is all about expectations and the second is about reality, as it progresses on to the third stanza it takes you towards the part of decaying. ...read more.

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