Chewing Gum in Class

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Students Should Be Able To Chew Gum During Class

Gum is a sticky chewy substance, which is enjoyed by everyone. 21/22 students in 703 said they love to chew gum. That’s 95.45% of the class. There are more students who enjoy the rich juicy taste of gum. But, the school board is taking away these students’ right of chewing gum. They are crushing our freedom one by one: no chewing gum in class, no wearing hats in the school, no snowball fight etc. We children have a right we should be able to chew gum during class. Gum is not always to please the children’s ease of chewing, it can also help students because it improves your oral health, it can help you with your diet and weight management, it helps your focus, concentration, alertness and it can help your brain.

        Firstly, gum can help you improve your oral health because it stimulates your saliva and freshens your breath. The stimulation of saliva helps with the clearance of the production of saliva. Saliva increases buffering power. Buffering power is when the tooth is demineralized, then it has an increase in potential for remineralization. Saliva can also, neutralize plaque acids and reduce cavities. All of these can be maximized if you stimulate your saliva and the easiest way is by chewing gum. With remineralization of the teeth, it would be stronger, healthier and whiter. With less plaque acids there is less decays and gum irritation. With the reduction of cavities there is no need of going to the dentist and paying $200 to pull it out! “According to a study published in the Journal of Dental Research, over the course of two years, children who chewed gum after meals reduced dental cavities by nearly 40 percent compared to non-chewers.”(Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company) Why waste money on buying materials to improve your oral health when all you need is a piece of gum. Also, chewing gum can freshen your breath, especially a mint-flavoured gum, moistens and refreshes the mouth. It refreshes your throat and sweetens the breath.

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        Secondly, gum is not only for the pleasing the chewer but it can help you with your diet and weight management. When managing your weight every calorie counts. Even small decreases can have a great impact on your health in a long time span. So, chewing a piece of gum, which provides you with 5-10 calories, can have a great impact, on your health. Wouldn’t you trade a bag of chips at 270 calories per 27 chips for a gum pack at 7 calories per stick? Also, it has been proven that “chewing gum after meals can helps reduce ...

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