Commentary: Both literary and non-literary pieces address the issue of bullying. Text A (Outside) features many inter-textual links: James Joyces Ulysses and Chuck Palahniuks Fight Club

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Comparative Commentary

Both literary and non-literary pieces address the issue of bullying.

Text A (Outside) features many inter-textual links: James Joyce’s ’Ulysses’ and Chuck Palahniuk’s ’Fight Club’, both novels serving a vital part in the development of ideas and the structure of syntax and lexis. The purpose of Text A is to develop character and mystery through means of magic realism yet in doing so allow the contrasting themes of isolation and despair to become apparent. Text B (Bullying- an inescapable part of human life?) serves as a thought provoking argument that incorporates the various methods of bullying and its place in society. Comparatively, both texts are targeted at mature teenagers however throughout Text B there is a need to highlight the importance of bullying in the work environment to emphasise the extensive spread of abuse within our society.

Text B makes use of numerous graphological techniques (such as coloured text boxes), this keeps the reader entertained through ease of reading. The use of bold text to highlight important statistical information, for instance the cardinal determiner: ’20,000’ is used in conjunction with this to provide strength to the argument as well as vary the aesthetics of the text. Straplines are also used frequently to foreground the various themes around bullying, for example: ’Bullying in a digital age’. This strapline makes full use of colour to reflect the article format thus allow the reader clarity. Text A uses a black font on a parchment-like background to mimic the form of an old story. This effect immediately denotes a mysterious atmosphere that is eye catching to the reader.

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The opening paragraphs of Text A are influenced by Chuck Palahniuk’s: ’Fight Club’ in which the progression of time is depicted much like a countdown: ’Sixty seconds’. Short paragraphs are also used in creating tension, for example: ’O’clock’. The effect of this minor sentence as a paragraph draws all the reader’s attention to the conclusion of time whilst foreshadowing the impending doom of the protagonist. Similarly the stimulus for the interior monologue in the later stages of the story derives from James Joyce’s use of stream of consciousness in ’Ulysses’. 

Text B makes frequent use of complex and compound/complex ...

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