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Commentary for English Language AS. The article I chose to write was based on the influences of the media on peoples body images in the world today and how it affects many young teenagers in trying to fulfil this ideal image of a size zero.

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COMMENTARY The article I chose to write was based on the influences of the media on people's body images in the world today and how it affects many young teenagers in trying to fulfil this "ideal image" of a size zero. My piece challenges a highly held view on the influential exploitation of consistent sickening body images and false fabrication to how people should look, leading to outstanding statistics in the account of teenagers being diagnosed with anorexia. My article is straight away hit with 3 different rhetorical questions which are used to help the audience think about what they are about to read, it increases persuasion and message processing, creating a relatively strong, resistant attitude in the reader to obtain a greater importance into the article they are about to overlook. ...read more.


Within this rhetorical question is the use of the verb "crave" which emphasises the way in which people require attention and beauty developing the idea of obsession, they feel that they need it drastically and by the use of this verb it dramatizes the effect in which it has on the readers thoughts. A few examples are then added in about television commercials and how they seem to advertise the imagery of "stick thin body" images used to emphasise how unhealthy these girl are, and how these images are also open to all eyes which watch TV on a daily basis. The example of the toothpaste advert constructs a greater idea of sexual connotations and the image of being thin, this is made to help ...read more.


media such as the verb phrase "pile on the makeup" the verb pile helps to dramatize the main head word makeup, leading to greater effect and image left in the readers head as they picture doll like teenagers plastering on makeup. The article is then ended with a imperative sentence "something needs to be done!" this gives a order which shows a fire of emotion and belief in what is being said, it is also the only bit of the article in bold with represents its importance, this helps the reader to accept what is being said as they see it as a very heartbreaking and vulnerable article which helps them understand everything within the text and just how badly it is effecting society today. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

Overall this is a reasonable attempt at the question. It contains some of the key ideas, and some relevant factual material. It could be improved by drawing together its ideas - for example, Lee's model is mentioned but is not then used. At times it concentrates on impacts rather than causes. Some of the terms are defined in a confused way.

Marked by teacher Nigel Fisher 30/11/2013

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