Commentary - Undersea Walking

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Commentary – Undersea walking in Mauritius

The article is about Undersea walking in Mauritius, and has been written for a travel supplement for The Daily Telegraph.  It is based on the style model “Guatelama shows its true colours” – a travel review from this newspaper.  Its purpose is to inform and entertain, and the target demographic is the middle class family seeking an exotic destination.

Titled “Under the Sea,” most will immediately notice the intertextual reference to a song from the famous Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.”  This suggests not only that the article will be related to the sea, but also that the activity will be suitable for children, because of the Disney film connotations.  The title’s aim is also to give a summary of the main lexical fields covered in the article, the sea, swimming and wildlife.  Other lexical fields include advice and safety; however, although these are important they are not very exciting, and so are not in any way suggested by the title.  

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In conjunction with my style model, photos are placed in between paragraphs, which graph logically help the reader to establish a rough idea of the subject matter, and demonstrate the progression of the text, i.e. The first image shows a person getting into the water, and the next actually shows the people submerged.  The small blue text box at the bottom of the second page connotes water, the sea and tranquillity, creating cohesion with the rest of the article.

The article is stylistically informal, achieved by the first person narrator disclosing their feelings and emotions.  By using personal ...

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