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Comparative Poem Essay - "About his Person" and "Cataract Operation" Simon Armitage was born on the 25th of May 1963, in the town Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Armitage studied at Manchester University

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Comparative Poem Essay - "About his Person" and "Cataract Operation" Simon Armitage was born on the 25th of May 1963, in the town Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Armitage studied at Manchester University and acquired a BA in Geography and an MA in Psychology. After several different jobs, including a probation officer, Armitage decided to become a modern poet and writer. He writes mainly about people and places, and has written many novels, including the well-known "Little Green Man". His poems and novels have now made him a renowned poet as well as writer. Armitage has written a book full of poems named "The Book of Matches". All the poems included are said to be have been written in the time that it takes for a match to fully burn. The two poems; "About his Person", and "Cataract Operation" are two of these poems. They are very similar in some ways, and very different in others. Although Armitage mainly writes poems with similar content, "About his Person" and "Cataract Operation" are both quite different. "About his Person" is about the possessions found on a dead man. ...read more.


The main theme in this poem is life and a new beginning, nothing like the theme of death in "About his person". There is a clear contrast between the themes of both poems. The language of both poems; "About his person" and "Cataract Operation" both have their similarities and differences. In "About his person", Armitage uses simple yet very effective language, for example; "that was everything", it is very short, and straight to the point. There are also very few poetic techniques used. Armitage uses just one simile throughout the poem; "a rolled up note of explanation planted there like a spray carnation" This simile creates an atmosphere of death, yet it also represents love. A spray carnation symbolises flowers at funerals, but it can also represent flowers used for love or a joyous occasion. Armitage also uses a few metaphors to fully emphasise the theme and tone of the poem, as metaphors are normally more effective than similes. An example of one of these metaphors is; "banked in the heart of a locket". This metaphor again symbolises love. Personification is also used in "About his person". Armitage uses personification to create a mood and tone of death. ...read more.


Armitage describes nearly everything with a living characteristic. For example; "the monkey business of a shirt" or "the cheerio of a handkerchief". Although Armitage uses a wide range of structures for his poems, the structure of "About his person" and "Cataract Operation" are very similar. "About his person" consists of 10 stanzas, each two lines long. Each of these stanzas is also a rhyming couplet. The rhyme scheme for the poem is aa, bb, cc, dd, ect. Cataract operation also consists of 10 stanzas, which are also two lines long each. However, the stanzas in "Cataract Operation" are not rhyming couplets and there is no rhyme scheme. On the whole, the structure of both poems is quite similar. Overall, the two poems "About his person" and "Cataract Operation" are more different than similar. The content of both poems is different, even though both poems are about objects and things. The themes of both poems are completely opposite; death and life, there Is a clear contrast between the two. The language between the two is similar, yet also different. Both poems consist of poetic techniques yet "Cataract Operation" uses many more. And finally, the structure of the poems is the only clear similarity between the two. ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 Ahsan Farooqui 9A ...read more.

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