Compare and contrast Spring Offensive and Into Battle. Which do you prefer? Why?

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Compare and contrast Spring Offensive and Into Battle.  Which do you prefer?  Why?

Nature is used in two very different ways by Owen and Grenfell, to describe their perceptions of war during the spring.

In the poem, Into Battle, Grenfell describes the earth as ‘naked’.  This would suggest that the world is free, perhaps from danger.  It would seem that the world is unharmed and natural.  This is a great contrast, as in fact, the world is not free from danger but being destroyed by bombs, due to the war.  The word ‘naked’ also links to vulnerability, which is something that the world suffers from, due to the actions of mankind.

Grenfell writes that ‘life is colour’, which portrays an image of love, optimism and happiness.  The war, however is not like this at all.  It is dull, pessimistic and full of hatred.  In reality, the war lacks colour, being surrounded only by the brown earth, black shells and the grey smoke.  Grenfell then goes on to describe life as ‘warmth’, suggesting comfort.  It also suggests motherly love, which is something that the soldiers are not receiving any longer in the war.  The soldiers are experiencing coldness, as death and horrific events surround them, which is the opposite to Grenfells perceptions of life.

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The woodland trees are described as ‘each one a friend’.  This tells us that nature is kind and helpful, offering protection.  Grenfell has portrayed all of the trees as friends, no matter how different they are to each other.  This is a great contrast, as humans are not acting as friends, but as enemies due to the war, even though they are still the same species.  This idea is used again, when a blackbird and kestrel call each other ‘Brother’.  This suggests companionship, kindness and support.  Although they are different in some ways, they are both the same, so ...

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