Compare and Contrast 'The Journeyman' by Lochhead and 'Standing Female Nude' by Duffy

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Duffy and Lochhead both write about artists. Compare and contrast two poem taking into account the methods each poet uses to write.

‘Standing Female Nude’ is a poem depicting a woman posing nude for a painting. It is a dramatic monologue from the model’s point of view. Both the model and the painter work out of necessity. ‘The Journeyman Paul Cezanne On Mount Victoire’ by Lochhead, like ‘Standing Female Nude’, is a dramatic monologue, this time from the perspective of the artist as he considers how he achieves his art and dismisses his critics.

The artist in Duffy’s poem works out of necessity, ‘Because/ I have to. There’s no choice’. His work, ‘shall be represented analytically and hung/ in great museums’ for people to gaze it and admire. However, he is also concerned about the details of his work, ‘He is concerned with volume, space’; he is taking pride in his art. Paul Cezanne does not appear to work out of necessity, but is concerned with how he paints as Georges in ‘Standing Female Nude’ is, however more so than Georges as he appears almost obsessed with painting the Mount Victoire perfectly; throughout the poem as he lists objects which he has painted, ‘An apple, an orange, a ball, a head’ he keeps coming back to ‘this mountain’ as no matter how many times he has painted it, he is not contented with the outcome.

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‘Standing Female Nude’ is written in four stanzas of seven lines which reflects the tight structure the artist follows when he is painting and short sentences, ‘Don’t talk’ show how abrupt he is with his model. He is patronising and has an inflated sense of self-worth, his model comments, ‘These artists/ take themselves too seriously’. He views himself as a professional but this professionalism falls away as ‘There are times he does not concentrate/ and stiffens for my warmth’. In contrast, ‘The Journeyman’ is written in free verse to symbolise the artist’s free flowing thoughts and how he has no ...

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