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Compare how the poets adopt different approaches to the subject of death Tony Harrison's "From Long Distance" is poem about how death has caused him and his father to grieve. Death is approached through the grief of the family and the past tense in the poem. Charles Tennyson Turner's "On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book" is a sonnet about the beauty of a dead fly's corpse and how death can happen at any time. Death is approached through the 'book' and how death is unpredictable. The similarities and differences between the poems are in the diction, rhyme and rhythm. In "From Long Distance" Tony Harrison conveys death through diction. At the start Harrison describes how the father "kept her slippers warming by the gas". This evokes a warm atmosphere because the father is doing something nice. However Harrison writes that "my mother was already two years dead". ...read more.


Turner portrays the corpse of the fly as being a "fair monument" and having "wings gleam out". This image is very angelic and positive which conveys how the fly left a beautiful mark in the book. However this is ironic as flies are usually horrible and hated creatures. From this Turner writes "The pearl is by us day by day" which conveys how death can happen at any time. Furthermore Turner uses "The Book will close upon us" to portray the Book as being 'death' and is certain that you can't escape it and it will eventually close. Lastly Turner writes that the "closing book may stop our vital breath, Yet leave no lustre on our page of death". Turner conveys to the reader that when we die we don't leave a positive mark on the world unlike that of the fly. Turner approaches death as serious matter and that it can happen any time. ...read more.


Both poems have iambic pentameter which gives a regular rhythm and flow. In "From Long Distance" this flow gives the effect of time passing which emphasizes how death is hard to cope with. In "On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book" the flow emphasizes the seriousness of death to show that it is important. These similarities and differences convey death through not being able to cope with death and how people could die anytime. The poems "From Long Distance" by Tony Harrison and "On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book" by Charles Tennyson Turner approach death through the similarities and differences in diction, rhyme and rhythm. Harrison conveys to the reader that we should learn to cope with death and not hide out emotions. Turner conveys to the reader that we should make the most out of our life as death can happen at any time. ...read more.

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