Compare the theme of loneliness in the 'The daffodils or the inward eye' and 'miracle of saint Davids day'.

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Loneliness is a blissful thing in the ‘The Daffodils or the inward eye’ however it is horrific in the ‘Miracle of saint David’s day’. In the ‘miracle’ it uses short sentences but in ‘Daffodils’ it uses long sentences, there is a brief quote to show my point, “They stretched in a never-ending line along the margin of a bay.” This quote clearly shows how long the sight is, the thousands of daffodils, this is called an enjambment. It is very effective.

           ‘Daffodils’ is written in an iambic tetrameter, but the ‘Miracle’ has a free rhythm. The ‘Daffodils’ rhythm is like a dance; this is called a hypnotic rhythm. The poet feels lonely and wants to be a part of the dance. We feel lonely and know this as the poetry is in a hypnotic rhythm, there is a brief quote in the poem telling us as readers that the daffodils are dancing, it gives us an image in our heads that the daffodils were dancing and so was the poet. “Ten thousand saw I glance, tossing their heads in sprightly dance.”

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           Both ‘Daffodils and ‘Miracle’ has a person, and relives what he has seen and allows the person to break out. Both poem’s are in the past tense, and are writing about a person or something else.

            In the ‘Miracle’ there is a use of an oxymoron together but has been used together are ‘sun’ and ‘cage’. “In a cage of first march sun a woman sits not listening, not seeing, not feeling.” By combining these two words it has made us realise how painful and horrific loneliness really ...

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