Comparing I Found Her Out There and Your Last Drive Thomas Hardy.

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Comparing “I Found Her Out There” and “Your Last Drive” Thomas Hardy.

“I Found Her Out There” and “Your Last Drive” by Hardy is written in remembrance and his response to Emma death. Where “I Found Her Out There” is about their newly found romance in Cornwall and his memory of it “Your Last Drive” is about their last few days before Emma’s death.

   In “I Found Her Out There” Hardy shows us the reason he fell in love with Emma. Thought the Poem Hardy portrays their young love and Emma’s beauty “her face fire-red” and “her cheek like a flail”. He uses a lot of natural imagery like “ocean breaks”, “sigh at the tale” to show the romantic landscape of Cornwall and where Emma felt free and lively which is the reason why he fell in love with her.

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   This is later contrasted with her death in Dorset as she’s “murmuring miles” not there anymore. He feels in the 5th stanza “yet her shade, maybe” after death she might go back there “where she once domiciled, And joys in its throbs With the heart of a child.” to a point where they were young happy and madly in love.

   Thought the poems Hardy has used alliteration “murmuring miles” to reflect his sadness for her death and his now regret. His has used regular rhyme and rhythm to reflect his feelings and moods about Dorset and Cornwall and ...

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