Comparing "That surprising Craig girl!" advert (Text 25), and the online news article "Why we all need to eat red meat", by John Torode (Text 9) to show the importance of eating well.

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Compare two texts from the anthology that show the importance of eating well.

Two texts that show the importance of eating well are That surprising Craig girl! advert (Text 25), and the online news article Why we all need to eat red meat, by MasterChef’s John Torode (Text 9) Test 25 emphasises the importance of eating well with reference to the success of the female athlete Pam Craig, to persuade the reader to buy Grape-Nuts, a nutritious breakfast cereal. ‘But then again, girl or no girl, there isn’t really anything surprising about perfect physical condition winning.’ On  the other hand, Text 9 shows the detrimental effects of the countries diet and is trying to show persuade the country to eat healthier by eating red meat, and getting rid of the negative attitude that is attached to it. ‘we are becoming more obese and hardening of the arteries and cardiac diseases is as much of a concern as how farming affects global warming. But here’s the truth beef is not to blame.’

Graphology in Text 25  adheres to the conventional forms of an advertisement. The image of Pam Craig in action commands half of the page, this acts as n eye catching focal point as the article was published in Good Housekeeping, a magazine with a largely female image. The image of Pam Craig, also is seen as empowering and successful, this is shown throughout the article underneath the image. The repetition of Pam’s name throughout the text  and in the title of the advertisement, further highlights the positive female aspect of the advert. It is aimed at female demographic because of the sense of empowerment women are starting to feel especially ‘And Tom looked troubled… Tom made a huge effort – too late’  This grammar is crafted in this section with the use of short sentences ‘Pam had done it’ this allows the reader be more involved in the race, and this persuasive technique encourages the reader to believe in the benefits of Grape-Nuts as the story appeals to the female audience on a personal level. This is compared to Text 9 where the graphology adheres to that of an online newspaper article. It is similar to Text 25 with the use of pictures to act as an eye-catching focal point in the article, however the pictures also have a different purpose. The picture of the young, healthy person eating a greasy, fattening kebab is meant  shock the reader because it is perceived as something you should not eat, and yet the young woman is eating it and is still a healthy weight. The caption ‘A steak kebab is not only a good source of protein but also contains essential vitamins and minerals, too’ acts as an extra piece of information to try and win the audience over to proving that a steak kebab does not live up to its name. Similarly the picture of John Torode is used for reference encase the audience reading the article are not familiar with John Torode. The picture gives a positive impression of Torode from the beginning because we can see he is standing in the background of a chefs kitchen, so gives the impression that he knows about food. The use of the caption ‘John Torode as Smith’s, his Smithfield Market restaurant which is the culmination of his love of beef’ reinforces the expertise shown by Torode. Regarding the layout of Text 9 it is easy to navigate with the use of paragraphs for each section.

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Phonological features are evident in Text 25 to keep the reader entertained after the picture initially attracted them to the advertisement. Examples of these include alliteration ‘essential elements’ Onomatopoeia such as ‘splash’ and ‘chewing’ also assonance ‘a food you will enjoy chewing’ These are examples of language crafting. This is compared to Text 9 where phonological features are used in a similar way. The use of assonance is used in the headline to grab the readers attention ‘Why we all need to eat red meat by, by MasterChefs John Torode’ From the start inclusive language is being used ‘We’ to ...

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