comparison, victor and monster

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Tahira Batool 12SJ                A/S LEVEL: English Literature: - Frankenstein

Compare the characters of the creature and Victor Frankenstein, and consider the importance of this comparison.

In Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, she draws a flow of contrast within the characters of the creature and Victor Frankenstein. She manipulates the differences and similarities in an effective way. Most of these she presents through their words, expressions, thoughts and emotions throughout the novel. The first presentation of contrast between the two is that they are both ‘alike’, by mentioning this word, I do not refer to physical resemblance as one may think, infact I am looking at the characteristic likelihood of Victor and the creature. Victor creates the monster to be like himself, he did not however, plan his creation to become like him, but it did indeed. The monster does not resemble Victor physically however; instead they share the same personalities. For example, they are both loving beings, they both want to help others and want what is best for them, even though they do not manage to accomplish that.

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        As the character of the creature, Shelly provides us with some information about the monster before it has even been created. Things such as that he is being created from parts taken from morgues and graves. We also know that his limbs have been stitched together as we also told that he is going to be eight feet tall. These facts show that his physical appearance will obviously be repellent and terrifying. The reason I am mentioning the physical description of the creature is because when imagining a monster with such features, a horrific and frightening ‘thing’ would come to ...

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