Composition - Positive gender discrimination should be encouraged in British recruitment

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Positive gender discrimination should be encouraged in British recruitment

Women’s rights has for a long time been topical issue. Throughout history women are portrayed as the inferior counterpart of men. Many women including those today are shown to disprove this idea .They have completed varying levels of education. They have worked for the environment for peace and leaders of important businesses. Yet still in today’s modern society women still live with this prejudice. As children we are corrupted by old stereotypes of women’s duties being brought up encourage by motherhood with dolls and toys unlike the man. As we age we witness more inequality between both males and females such as men having higher paid jobs  and are seen more suitable to significant roles in the workplace Encouraged through the belief that men are genetically more aggressive as opposed to females who believed to be nurturers. This divide in duties can even be seen in the Bible where Eve’s  role is to have children whilst Adams works the fields.

Only shortly have women been able to move away from the being the man’s ‘possession’.  Women have now got the ability to vote. Women were prohibited from voting in the United Kingdom. By 1918, the Representation of the Peoples Act allowed women over 30 the right to vote. However it was a further ten years to abolish the age qualification making men and women equal in the ability to vote. Until the mid-nineteenth century were women allowed to own possessions.

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The statement of positive gender discrimination should be encouraged in the work place is extremely controversial.  Whilst many men may agree with the statement. Discrimination of any kind is widely believed to be wrong as it often connotes with pain and suffering. Treating people differently through prejudice will have catastrophic impacts on society.

Although the gap between men and women has reduced. Women are still finding it much more difficult in getting the same wages, benefits and job opportunities as men. Many women want to continue their job after having a child. The hardships faced by looking after and ...

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