Consider the presentation of the supernatural in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". In what way does it reveal Shakespeare's moral and philosophical concerns?

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Consider the presentation of the supernatural in "A Midsummer Night's bream". In what way does it reveal Shakespeare's moral and philosophical concerns? How does Shakespeare's stagecraft (setting, Characterisation, language, verse form etc) facilitate the consideration of his concerns? and how do we as a modern audience respond to the play as a piece of theatre?

The main themes of "A Midsummer's Night Dream" are the supernatural, dreams, nature and the difficulty of love. Shakespeare's ideas are represented by his use of symbolism. If you look at the play in general at a glance it comes across as being benevolent. But if you look closely then you can see that Shakespeare engages the audience in thought about the world they live in. The audience is left to think about the difficulty of love, the magic or supernatural power of love, and what is illusion or dream.

In "A Midsummer Nights Dream" love is a constant theme, there is a clear difference between genuine love and the illusion made by love, that has no meaning. Shakespeare suggests that love is an emotion that has to be balanced by reason. Nothing can stand in the way of true love. Hermia and Lysander are prepared to leave their friends, family, and home in order to get married, and Pyramus and Thisbe die for the love of each other. Titania shows the blindness of love when she falls in love with Bottom she is the highest immortal - a beautiful fairy queen, but she is in love with the lowest immortal - an ass. Puck portrays the cynical and foolish view of love "lord what fools these mortals be", he is unaffected by it. Puck is the only one to see the madness of love, he sees it as just a mating ritual "man will have his mare again and all shall be well.

The exaggerated language of the people under the love spell that Oberon creates from the "flower hit by cupids arrow" shows how irresponsible and foolish love can be. When Titania first meets bottom she says "on the first view to say, to swear, I love thee" and Lysander announced instant love to Helena saying "run through fire I will for thy sweet sake!" Shakespeare also shows that true love overrides all other loyalties. When Titania falls in love with bottom she disowns the changeling boy, that she fell out with Oberon about. Shakespeare shows the reverse side of love through Oberon. Love can cause jealousy, hatred and dominance. The jealousy between Oberon and Titania caused disruption in the natural world, and when Oberon falls out with Titania he wants to make a fool out of her. He does this by putting the juice of a flower which has been "touched by cupids arrow" on her eyes this makes her fall in love with the next living thing she sees. When Oberon puts this juice on Titania's eyes he says "Wake when some vile thing is near!" this shows he doesn't care how much he humiliates Titania as long as he gets revenge. Jealousy between the four lovers caused Helena and Hermia to brake their livelong friendship, and argue with each other and Lysander and Demetrius want to kill each other. Shakespeare tells us that jealousy destroys relationships but jealousy is a product of love.

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The world of nature is shown as a place of natural beauty but also an area of potential danger. The place where Titania sleeps is an enchanting place where-fragrant flowers grow. But also in the woods there is no direction or pathway so the mortals can feel lost and afraid. The woods are dark and a place of mystery and magic, an Elizabethan audience would associate this with the supernatural. The individual fairies names - Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustard seed are embodiments of nature They are all loyal follows of Titania and they spend their time helping nature. The ...

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