Creative writing inspired by "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

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As they walked away from the darkened alleyway they decided to stop and have something to eat. They hadn’t eaten for another 2 days and they were starting to become very weak. As they sat and eat their last tin of peaches and the little remains they had left of their water the boy looked intensely at his father.Is this the last of the food papa?YesDoes that mean we might die soon?I don’t know They continued eating their peaches in silence before heading off again.  As they strolled along the snowy hill tops the boy started tugging his father’s rags. As the father unaware of his surroundings and what the boy was tugging for, he kept silent.Papa?... Papa?What?Did you see
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that?See what?That dogWhere?Over there it looks hurt papa?Yes it doesCan we save it papa?NoI knew you were going to say that please papa it looks like it needs some food that’s allWe need food tooOkayOkayHe carried on in a slow pace along the road, in search of a place to stay for the night. It was getting dark. As he pulled along the last of their belonging on the cart the boy stopped and looked back and didn’t move for a few seconds.What are you doing?We can’t leave it papaYes we canBut that could be us and what if no ...

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