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Creative writing inspired by "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy.

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As they walked away from the darkened alleyway they decided to stop and have something to eat. They hadn't eaten for another 2 days and they were starting to become very weak. As they sat and eat their last tin of peaches and the little remains they had left of their water the boy looked intensely at his father. Is this the last of the food papa? Yes Does that mean we might die soon? I don't know They continued eating their peaches in silence before heading off again. As they strolled along the snowy hill tops the boy started tugging his father's rags. As the father unaware of his surroundings and what the boy was tugging for, he kept silent. Papa?... Papa? What? Did you see that? See what? That dog Where? Over there it looks hurt papa? ...read more.


The father stroked the dog with his holey matted gloves and felt the dry straw like hairs on the dog. He grabbed some water he had left in his luggage and sipped it into the dog's weak and tiered mouth. They untangled some string they had tied around the cart and put it around the dog's neck to use as a collar and help drag it along the road for a while. As the dog slowly made its way along the road behind the father and son it began to become even weaker and suddenly fell to the ground. They decided to stop as well and make a bed for the night as it was pretty dark by now. Is it going to die papa? Yes When? I don't know soon Okay The boy wrapped himself in his blanket and tried to get some sleep while his father struggled to make a fire. ...read more.


Yes papa When they finished eating they began to set off again as they still had a long way to go. The dog looked a little better but was still very weak. The weather was starting to become greyer and they could feel the damp air and as they continued walking once again the dog fell to the ground. The boy rushed to see if it was okay and placed his arms around it to keep it warm. It was shaking violently. The boy was getting worried. It wouldn't stop and continued to shake. The father tried to help the boy but there wasn't much he could do. It was dead. Is he dead papa? I think so Isn't he going to wake up? No The boy started to cry and the papa held him in his arms and tried to comfort him. That could soon be us We will be fine But what if we aren't We will be Okay papa Okay ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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