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Diary of a Titanic Survivor

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Homework 23rd September 2001 Diary of a survivor 4th December 1915 What I would do to be home to see my wife and baby girls. Today is my Birthday; my present was to see my best friend Charlie being shot down by the Boche. He was killed by one bullet, straight between the eyes, as if he had been taken down on purpose. Just sitting here in the dugouts, waiting for orders to go over the top, makes me think about home. To keep our selves amused, we sing songs and tell each other stories of our send offs, and how we enlisted. I remember enlisting. Charlie, Richard, Harry and myself, were all down the pub smoking our cigars and having a jolly good time. Harry said that in a week he would be fighting for our country's freedom in France on the front line. Well, we weren't going to have any of that, were we, so we went home and talked it over with our wives. We told them it would bring honour and glory to our family, so they let us go. If they didn't, we would have gone any way, because nobody wants to be a coward, do they? So we all went to the enlisting station. All the posters on the way there, were as if they weren't there to look at, but were screaming at you, as if to say, " why haven't you joined the army yet, you coward." ...read more.


We had to walk about twenty miles through the trenches, to get to the train station. When my worst nightmare came true, we came under a gas attack. Harry, being the man that he was, shouted "gas, gas, gas, quick boys get your masks on, don't let the Boche get one up on us, hurry." We all had our masks on and couldn't speak, but there was Harry's voice saying "get your masks on boys." He began to choke, and so did the people behind us who couldn't hear Harry. Suddenly Harry collapsed and he began to gargle. But the thing was it wasn't raining. He was beginning to drown under his own fluids. His eyes rolled back in his skull. Richard and I picked up Harry. We were determined not to let another one of our friends die. At least not today, whilst we could help it. We managed to put his mask on but he was still struggling to breathe. We managed to get our selves and Harry to the train station. But we were an hour behind the others. I went on the search for a nurse to come and have a look at Harry. That's when I saw it. The most disgusting thing a man could see. Rows and rows of men all in straight lines. All holding onto each others shoulders queuing. All of that needless torture to innocent men. ...read more.


I can tell you something if someone complains about England being cold. Well they have not experienced being cold. So it is quite pleasant out here tonight. My two daughters are sleeping here next to me under their blankets. They fell asleep listening to my stories of the war. But one day they will see things my way, because they will never know if this will ever happen again. I hope for my children's sake it wont happen in their life time. Or their children's lifetime. Nobody in their right mind would want to see the things that I have seen. The torture, the suffering, the noise, and the smells of war should never be heard, seen or smelt ever again. If this ever does happen again I pity the person who brings it on. Not only am I upset about seeing my friends die, I'm upset for the German families as well. For how do we know that they weren't like Harry or Charlie. There are probably men over in Germany in the same predicament as me. Missing two best friends and trying to recover from the war. So my prayers and my heart go out tonight, to those families in the same situation as me, and all of those who have lost loved ones. If I could make one wish, it would to be able to say that nobody has to see what I have seen. The Great War they say, more like a useless waste of life. By Stuart Rawlings 10T1 ...read more.

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