Differences between Speech and Writing.

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Differences between Speech and Writing

We can alter our speech according to audience, purpose and context as well as altering text for a certain audience. Neither speech nor writing is grater then the other as both can be of different qualities. Occasionally speech is more relaxed however can have more power than text. Text and speech can both be formal or informal.

The general spontaneous conversation is an example of unplanned speech, a conversation between two friends. The conversation takes place face to face with no audience. The speech is transient, and utterances are part of the spoken words that connect other parts of the sentence. As the speech is quite relaxed with no pressure to talk the environment is comfortable, it is just a relaxed conversation between two friends on a Sunday morning. The conversation is informal, as it contains slang words such as 'dead', 'footie', also contains words that are not standard English, such as utterances; 'erm', 'ooh'. These would not make grammatical sense if put into written form, and are confined to speech, because of the way humans talk. The structure is loose; utterances break up the sentence, and help the speaker to readjust the thing they are going to say in their head, before they actually say it out loud. The conversation is colloquial, and therefore words are changed and altered to suit people's speech patterns such as 'min', or 'hearin'.
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The written text however, has a structure, has been planned and the words are separated into paragraphs, according to the context. The sentences within the whole piece have a much more solid structure containing information as well as news.

'Dario kept with the same team that beat Crystal Palace on Tuesday night so that meant starting places for both 16 year old Billy Jones and Luke Varney.' punctuation and layout are used to mark the grammatical boundaries of the sentences. The piece has a wide based audience. Mainly the fans of Crewe Alex will be interested; especially ...

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