Discuss the Character and Functions of Sandra

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Discuss the Character and Functions of Sandra

David Pickford

“Beautiful Thing” is set in London this is used to illustrate what Sandra’s character is like. Sandra Gangle is a tough middle class woman, who lives in a tidy council flat in South London. Sandra is house proud she likes everything in it to be nice looking. An example of this is the hanging baskets hanging on the wall out side her house. Sandra also looks after her self we can tell this by the Body Shop products on the floor. Sandra has many roles in this play, which include being mother, neighbour, barmaid, single parent, workingwoman and a girlfriend.

Sandra is a survivor in the sense that she is bringing up a son all on her own and she has to pay for every thing her self. “When I had three pee in my purse I went robbing for that boy” This Indicates Sandra’s loyalty towards to her son, and how much she cares for him and tries to provide for him. An alternative example of how deprived Sandra was that “I couldn’t afford a cot” This proves that however much Sandra tried and robbed she still couldn’t afford the basics.  

 Sandra is also very abusive, using foul language to insult people. A good example of Sandra’s abusive language is the first word of the play, which is “SLAG.” This shows a major part of Sandra’s character and is used to set the scene for the rest of the story. Although Sandra uses foul language she prevents Jamie using it by saying  “Language, Jamie!” when he tells Leah “I don’t need fuckin’ ‘elp.” This is because it is disrespectful to use to bad language and she wants to bring him up to the best of her ability. Foul language is mainly used to add tension to the story.      

Sandra character is harsh in the way that she talks to people. This can be demonstrated by the way she talks to Leah on several occasions “Face facts Leah, no bugger wants you” and “shut up” By saying this Sandra is being tactless and insensitive towards Leah’s feelings. Sandra is most thoughtless towards Leah. Sandra is also harsh in the way she describes Steve’s father “We all know his dad leathers him, I’m only having a laugh.” This is used to demonstrate how heartless and insensitive Sandra really is.

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Steve’s father was very aggressive towards him on numerous occasions. He punches him for know reason and even threw him out once for burning the toast. One time when Steve was thrown out he went round to see Sandra to explain what had happened to him. The type of caring person that Sandra is she took him in. After listening to Steve she told him he could stay the night. Then said this to Steve’s dad “Your little Steven’s round at our place tonight. I’ve every mind to report you.” This shows the sensitive and caring side that Sandra ...

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