Discuss the extent to which you feel Eddie is a suitable tragic hero in A View From the bridge

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Discuss the extent to which you feel Eddie is a suitable tragic hero in A View From the bridge

                In a traditional sense a tragic hero is a male character of high importance, often nobility who makes an error in their actions or judgement resulting in their tragic downfall.  Tragic heroes appear in their traditional form in the works of Shakespeare, Sophocles, Euripides, Seneca, Marlowe and many others. One common trait of these traditional tragic heroes is that their downfall is often a result of their arrogance and ignorance. The tragic hero will eventually discover their fate is a consequence of their own actions and not those of others. The heroes’ downfall will often result in death. Their suffering is meaningful as it is a result of their own intentional actions. The tragic hero is often faced with a serious decision. The hero may learn something from his mistake but often too late.

            It has been argued that “the tragic mode is archaic, fit only for the very highly placed, the kings or the kingly”. I agree with this view to some extent but believe that the tragic hero can be brought into a modern context effectively. Archaic can be defined as ancient and belonging to a past time period, this may be true for the traditional noble tragic hero. However I think a modern tragic hero could be the equivalent of “noble” in some other way. Some things may have to be changed to fit a modern story line however the principal of a tragic hero would be the same.

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          Miller’s main view is that the common man is equally suitable as a tragic hero as kings and believes that this should be obvious from a modern psychology viewpoint. He even the suggests the common man may make a better tragic hero. He also states that if not in art we attribute the same mental processes to the noble and also the lowly. Another point he makes is that the tragic hero has a “tragic flaw” but this is really nothing however the character not being passive and accepting this leads to their eventual downfall. ...

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