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Does Money Buy Happiness?

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´╗┐Happiness and Money ?Those three things - autonomy, complexity and a connection between effort and reward - are, most people agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it is to be satisfying. It is not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine and five. It?s whether our work fulfills us.? In my opinion, and most likely the majority of others, this quote is simply stating that you cannot buy happiness. There are several arguments as to whether this is true. Some will say yes, no, or neutral. ...read more.


We are all guilty of buying things that we truly need, but who does that concern, those things make us just that much happier, right? Right - or wrong. Nobody could be able to prove this point in either way. As written in the poem, ?my first goal is to make a wage that my family can be proud of?, he is stating that he thinks that if he makes a substantial amount of money and working for it, his family will be proud of his hard work. Well, aren?t we happy when our family is happy for us? ...read more.


My family works and earns their money to provide for the others. It?s not greed, but quite frankly, that makes me happy, and isn?t that what it?s about? Now, a billion other things make me happy, like art, music, friends, reading, debating, and so on, and all of that is free. Well, what about the less fortunate ones, the ones without the home and without the family, or without a job? Are they unhappy because they do not have money? Personally, if I did not have a house, I would not be the happiest person. Sure, anything can make someone happy even without a price, but sometimes, money is needed. But other times, you can just stay positive and look for happiness that is priceless. ...read more.

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