An article exploring the atrocities of war

War. Nothing more than a tragic waste of life, created by the selfish desires of man; it is merely a tool for achieving their goal. Oh, but they won’t tell you that, no no no, world leaders will claim it’s for some 'greater good' or for 'honour'. No war was fought for a greater good and honour is just a glorified term for pride. The politicians and extremists are ruled by greed, lust for power, pride, envy and wrath. We all are. Mankind is simply an instinct-driven species and war is the consequence of our desires. War has reared it's ugly head many times in history and each time left many people dead in it's wake. And yet there are those who seek to profit from these deaths, despicable inhuman monsters.

Firstly, a war that is currently plastered all over the news. That's right, Afghanistan. Now has anyone other than myself wondered just what the heck NATO is doing there? Chasing the ghost of Bin Laden? 'Getting one over’ on Russia? Or could it be the same motive for the invasion of Iraq: oil. It is no mystery that the world is facing crisis with fossil fuels, supply is running dangerously low and will be completely gone in the coming decades. This has led to a mad scramble for the Middle East: one of the largest oil reserves left in the world. As a result all the major powers are placing their pieces upon the Middle Eastern chessboard to claim this region for themselves

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under the pretext of chasing terrorists. So if terrorists are the threat, what about Pakistan? These days Pakistan is a bigger terrorist threat than Afghanistan, due to the possession of nuclear weapons, yet I see no resolve from NATO in disarming Pakistan or solving the problem. No, they are only interested in satisfying their greed and will sacrifice as many people as necessary to achieve their goal. We are meant to learn from our mistakes, but not the blind fools of NATO: less than half a century ago the Soviet Union attempted to conquer Afghanistan and ...

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