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‘Strange fits of passion have I known’


          Strange fits of passion I have known,

          And I will dare to tell,

          But in the Lover's ear alone,

          What once to me befell.

          When she I loved, was strong and gay

          And like a rose in June,

          I to her cottage bent my way,

          Beneath an evening moon.

          Upon the moon I fixed my eye,

          All over the wide lea;                                      10

          With quickening pace my horse drew nigh

          Those paths so dear to me.

1st stanza - I have had strange fits of passion that I would only describe them in my lover’s ear, what once happened to me.

The opening line of the poem suggests that Wordsworth has a craze idea of his lover being dead that his mind has adjust too. Wordsworth has been a victim of his strange fits of passion and he will only describe them in his lover’s ear alone. Here Wordsworth is overcome and defeated by passionate fits of thought and realizing of how horrifying it would be if she, his lover, were dead.  The “strange fits”, something eccentric or unjustified, which Wordsworth is relating to is the terrible and frightening thought of his lover dying. Here we can see that Wordsworth is portraying his transcending human fears and he is relating to his own fears against immortality.

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2nd stanza- When the girl I loved was strong and happy, “like a rose in June” (an image of beauty), I would go to her cottage under the evening moon.

He describe his lover as “as a rose in June”, an image of beauty. The rose traditionally represents love. He describes that love and passion is beautiful but yet terrifying in a sense, which is essentially his feelings towards the sublime.  The moon upon which he sets his eyes on is a conventional symbol for a female, an image of beauty which is described in such a way ...

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