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English, important?

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Dear Editor, I would like to respond to the letter by your reader Simon Tam in which he argued that it is not necessary for everyone to learn English. I am in total disagreement with his idea, as everyone knows that English is a Lingua Franca. NUMEROUS countries are now using English as the one of their main LANGUAGES. As it brings lots of benefits on the personal, economic and academic front, learning English is good for everyone. At the beginning, the letter has mentioned that it is unreasonable for people who want to go for higher studies to pass the English test first. ...read more.


As English is a Lingua Franca, there is a high possibility for people to meet foreign visitors. If two people from different countries meet, the only language they can communicate in is English. With regards to the economic benefits, a higher English Level can help boost the tourism industry of a city. For personal benefits, people who have BETTER English enjoy better job prospects, especially for those people who are working in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong is a financial center, it offers lots of opportunities to work with people from English speaking countries. Undoubtedly, English is important FOR people's daily work. ...read more.


What is more, many countries have their own mother tongue which is not English. It is good for us to know more than one official language. The most useful language in the world is English, so there is no reason for people not to learn English. In conclusion, bringing lifelong benefits, English is necessary for people to be competitive. I am not saying that other languages are useless, but English is the main language that people need to learn. No matter whether it is FOR ACADEMIC, SOCIAL OR PERSONAL PURPOSE, English helps us to tackle lots problems. With lots of benefits gained by learning English, learning English is the only choice for people. YOURS FAITHFULLY, Chris Wong Lv5+ Very well-written ...read more.

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