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AS and A Level: Composition

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Rules sometimes need to be broken. Which view are you in closer argument with and why? Make it argumentative and discuss your view point only.

    4 star(s)

    do which litter our lives as to what is good for us and what isn't, there's more than one 'rule' which deserves to be broken. If rules weren't broken advances would not have been made within society. Sure rules such as not killing someone make sense. But if the African Americans had not have broken the rules to achieve equality where would they be today? Rules are placed to tighten people, and yes if they weren't there, the society would be crazy, but there are so many rules today that are not fair, and for society to see it differently, we need someone to break the rules.

    • Word count: 756
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Is language an innate module?

    4 star(s)

    For example, the word order in English is Subject, Verb, Object but this can differ around the world. The UG idea is supported in the way that children have knowledge of language that they have not been taught by an adult, for example the past tense. During the early years when the child is learning to talk, caregivers tend to give feedback on language based on the meaning of speech rather than the accuracy of their grammar. This proves how there is little focus on the grammar through the role of the caregiver giving specific instructions on grammatical rules .The speed and apparent ease that children have of this complex process also supports the UG concept.

    • Word count: 1591
  3. Marked by a teacher

    1984, V for vendetta

    3 star(s)

    "A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering yourself" (62) are key signs that notifies the thought police to detect how an individual emotionally feel inside. By making the people strive to survive and stay away from committing "facecrime," the Party is physically torturing the citizens by coercing them to restrain their facial expressions. Similarily, the identical type of police exists in V for Vendetta known as the Fingermen. When Evey breaks the curfew, the Fingermen legally gain the power to decide how they should punish her.

    • Word count: 1085
  4. Marked by a teacher

    The Crucible: Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play?

    3 star(s)

    But also there is a part in him that knows God is his judge and also he must follow his own morals 'He is a sinner... against his own vision of decent conduct' and he does not wish to go back to committing adultery. And we see that he is strong towards his wife than Abigail 'You'll speak nothin' of Elizabeth!' as he wishes to protect her from Abigail, which is his aim throughout the court scene after Elizabeth is accused of committing in witchcraft by Abigail.

    • Word count: 1409
  5. Marked by a teacher

    Racial Issues of 1948 - Devil in a Blue Dress

    3 star(s)

    Easy connects this situation to his experiences during the World War II. He recalls "I killed enough blue-eyed young men to know that they were just as afraid to die as I was" (45). Therefore, Easy connects the problem of race to the "blue-eyed" Nazis and their mission of achieving an Aryan society (45). Easy's regular racial references to the World War II imply that the segregation present in the United States in 1948 is comparable to Hitler's Third Reich.

    • Word count: 851
  6. Marked by a teacher

    In the short story The Web by Frances King, 1995, we hear about a man, who earns money by pretending to a be blind or a destitute begging for money. The narrator thinks it is a dishonest and unfair way of getting money

    Therefore people are forced to earn money, and some finds the way too money through illegal and dishonest activities. In the short story "The Web" by Frances King, 1995, we hear about a man, who earns money by pretending to a be blind or a destitute begging for money. The narrator thinks it is a dishonest and unfair way of getting money, but when she finds out that it pays well, she lets go of some of her principles and gets spun into the web of lies.

    • Word count: 919
  7. Peer reviewed

    Death and how it makes life worth living

    4 star(s)

    Now when I look back I know I was wrong. If you really think about it Death makes life living. If all of us were here on this earth for eternity what would we be doing; what would our thought be like if we knew that we had infinity amount of time to accomplish our most precious goals.

    • Word count: 517
  8. Composition aimed at reviewing 2 video games. How does Fallout New Vegas (2010) compare to The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind (2002)?

    Victor takes the player to Doctor Mitchell, where the game begins. Afterwards, you go through the character creation process which allows you to choose your character's gender, facial features, traits and so on... Sigh... A lengthy character creation, don't you think? Back in Morrowind, all you did was choose your race/gender, facial features, class and birthsign. Then, you were out into the game world faster than you could say John Appleseed. Still, you had the option to answer questions for the funny (they could be twins...) looking priest (pictured above, left)

    • Word count: 1118
  9. An unopened flower. I looked into his dark eyes, pregnant with l**t and surrounded by papery eyelashes like bluebottle wings. I didnt feel a thrill.

    It wasn't poetic though, it was shallow and forced - I awkwardly fingered the cotton hem on my dress and hoped my cheeks weren't too pallid; he confidently hooked his thumbs through his Levis. "I'd like it if we could hang out sometime, Celia," he'd asked; and the look on his face told me it was a question. "I could pick you up after classes. My dad lets me drive his car." "I'm not sure. Okay." I don't know why.

    • Word count: 841
  10. AQA English Language AS Coursework - Short story. Have you ever had a feeling of anger so strong, so intense, youre scared you cant control it?

    Petrol fumes wafted in. Fresh air. I limped into the bathroom half awake. The mirror reflected a body, a zombie, whose face displayed relentless tiredness and eyes that revealed a dark tunnel that led to buried memories. "s**t, not again." The shower wasn't working. Nothing worked in that council house, but I'd give anything to be back. I grabbed my bag and a chocolate bar for lunch and started a run for the bus stop as I left my house. My day continued to deteriorate rapidly.

    • Word count: 1050
  11. Case Closed. Im going mad she muttered to herself. Jackie tried to dismiss that somebody had drank from her glass but she couldnt stop thinking about the fact

    Well for most aspects of it. She hated doing all the written work and the notes on the cases. After hours of relentless writing, her skinny arm felt as if it was about to drop off. She slowly unhinged her sore arms and stretched up towards the ceiling letting out another deep yawn. She new she would need motivation if she was going to continue with her work. She rose from her warm, moulded seat and dragged herself over to her immaculate, open plan kitchen. Although Jackie's job took up most of her life she had always been a bit of a clean freak.

    • Word count: 1214
  12. Detention centres are factories for producing mental illness (Proffessor Patrick McGorry , Australian of year 2010). Discuss.

    Instead of being put into psychiatric care he was put into solitary confinement. Abdul fled Pakistan because he was continually persecuted, but after 6 years of leaving detention in Australia, the country where he sought refuge, "he is a broken man and will never work again" - (Abdal doctors) Dr Suresh Sundrain of the Australian Medical Health Research Institute has stated that people enter detention, resembling resilient and healthy then we subject them to extraordinary conditions we appear to subvert there resilience and their mental health, he goes onto say that "there is good data is show that most people who had significant immigration centre experiences have comprised mental health on release, and these mental health problems persist for a protracted period following resettlement.

    • Word count: 934
  13. One World. Many Colors. Brent Staples is an African American man who points out that due to his skin color and presentation people convey him as a thief or r****t. He argues about several situations in which he was stereotypically distinguished a

    I often witness that "hunch posture," from women after dark on the warrenlike streets of Brooklyn where I live. They seem to set their faces on neutral and, with purse straps strung across their chests bandolier style, they forge ahead as though bracing themselves against being tackled." (p. 165-166) He describes the situation that of him being the victim of r****m. He sets an example that a black man walking through the streets of New York, dressed in baggy clothing, probably isn't the best sight to see late at night. Bedrejo 2 In the movie "Crash" we start the movie with Anthony, acted by Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, exiting a restaurant and walking down a white dominated community with his friend Peter, acted by Larenz Tate.

    • Word count: 1022
  14. Personal Reflective Essay -At the age of five, both my Mum and Gran had noticed my keen interest in Baton Twirling.

    I began to wail as my mum spied on my troubles from behind the dingy door in a fit of laughter at my "ticked off" expression. At my first competition I was bewildered as I pranced on to the orphan blue vinyl floor in a sparkly leotard and a similar puffy pink tutu. The chairman of the B.B.T.S.A (British baton Twirling Championships) started my music. I lost concentration as the crowd cheered with encouragement. So I did as my teacher insisted and made something up.

    • Word count: 1234
  15. ENGA2 Production piece and analysis - Will the royal wedding be the monarchy's last hurrah

    In today's modern world, the British Monarchy are looking more and more out of touch. In 2008, Americans shrugged off decades of social injustice and did something that the pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement could scarcely dream of by electing their first black President, on a platform of hope and change, writing a new page in the history of their country. Meanwhile, here in Blighty, we have the reign of an aging, aloof divorcee who drives around in a soft top Aston Martin converted to run on wine to look forward to.

    • Word count: 1034
  16. Samantha was seated on a chair reading her prized book.

    But Samantha's eyes were intensively focused on the twenty last pages of her valuable book written by his grandfather. The book was quite an original piece of work, the cover was of an intense green and there was a draw of a girl picnicking on a river bank looking up to four fairy godmothers, who were each of a different color. The text block was not much, about two hundred pages. There was a really nice poem at the back cover about how fantasy and imagination played a great role in children's fantastic creation of the world. Moreover, on the spine of the book was written "Fairy tales for a beloved granddaughter".

    • Word count: 3070
  17. I have scars on my body that will always remind me of a worst experience of my life. That day was November 1st, 1999 and it was the day I was told I have leukemia again.

    The doctor sent me for tests to rule out many things including chicken pox. The next day, the doctor's office called and stated I was to go the emergency room. The tests had shown I was dehydrated, and I needed to get intervenous fluids in my body and to have a CT scan performed to help the doctors determine where the pain was coming from. The emergency room was exciting on Halloween night, but unfortunately I was in no mood for anything except feeling better.

    • Word count: 1447
  18. Making Marijuana Legal. When we ban marijuana use, we are actually taking away the rights of individuals who want to use it. It should be up to the user to make a choice of whether or not they want to smoke the substance.

    When we ban marijuana use, we are actually taking away the rights of individuals who want to use it. It should be up to the user to make a choice of whether or not they want to smoke the substance. Since marijuana is similar to cigarettes, we should regulate it so it would not be available to individuals under 18. According to the government, it is up to the people to make the choice of smoking cigarettes. It is foolish of the government to restrict them from smoking marijuana too. The government should not make a person's choice. If however, marijuana is a harmful drug, the person should be given the facts and let them decide.

    • Word count: 940
  19. Opinion article. The Size Zero craze refuses to surrender. The media refuses to give up on the figures of malnutrition crawling down the catwalk, while readers continue to be secretly amazed by these new species of human are they human?

    It made my life a lot easier knowing that my significant other preferred my size 10 (ok so I'm borderline 12, but I'm still working off the mince pies) to what can be only described as a 'thing'. But now, with Kim Kardashian racking up tabloids, I can't help but be extremely jealous that my boyfriend and probably every other male in the modern world, stop on the gossip pages to admire her absolutely breathtaking body, even I stared for a while when finding the picture for this article.

    • Word count: 1145
  20. In Daniel H. Wilson's book Where's my Jetpack: A Guide to the Amazing Science Fiction Future that Never Was, he claims that according to 20th century science fiction we should have all of the technologies that were promised to be invented by now.

    but in the advances of technology today. The Smart House is a reliable but complex technology of the future which makes 1950's view of "The Home of the Future" inconceivable with our technology today (139). Even though fast transportation, replicators, Built in furniture, and a completely sterile environment is still just a dream out of reach for us, we have made progress transforming our dull, non-shape-shifting houses into the Smart House prototypes of the future. The home automation industry provides us with a vast amount of life enhancing technologies like motion detectors that help with both turning on the lights

    • Word count: 1249
  21. The Life of the Slave

    The master's inhumane frenzy was never satisfied, wasted or sober, the desire burning within him was to lash the slave twenty more times, without any pang of guilty conscience. If the slave were lucky or had a somewhat mild master he only got a few lashes less than the other slaves living under harsh dictators. Any feeling of pity that the master once felt is gone, and his childlike, innocent eyes are blinded. His brain stems that once held regret are no longer working, but the cruel actions are currently meeting with the inhumane thoughts.

    • Word count: 1318
  22. English Language Commentary: Teenagers: A Despairing Glimpse At Future GenerationsMy piece is an argumentative article, intended for publication in a broadsheet newspaper such as The Daily Telegraph.

    I realised that Letts' style was often overly pretentious, and that he often presents views which would be seen as controversial or belligerent by most, as displayed by the declarative "Many of us are bog-standard class". His altercations often target certain groups of people, and this was utilised in my own piece by attacking a whole generation, much to the amusement of the given audience. Both mine and Letts' articles are comparable in the sense that they are both self-deprecating: Letts, attacking the British whilst being a Briton himself, and me, attacking teenagers whilst acknowledging that I am a teenager myself.

    • Word count: 563
  23. Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Message: A Parody

    And thus the prime principle of Jesus' teachings - to love one's neighbour - is more applicable than ever during Christmastide. Such love is demonstrated by you, the people of Britain, through the public funding which you so generously bestow upon myself, and my ever so needy family. It is through such funding that I buy my vibrant hats and organise my splendid garden parties. However, it takes but a simple visitation to a local shopping centre to demonstrate that some people are just impossible to love.

    • Word count: 1069
  24. Teenagers - A Despairing Glimpse At Future Generations. I wish I could say I was proud of my generation, but lets face it: the media arent far wrong.

    That'll be the day. These are all rules which would appear obvious to the older generation, however in my generation, they are disregarded and branded as old-fashioned. "Who needs standards anyway? Get with the times, I'm not hurting anyone!" we plea, as an excuse to act like slobs and walk around in vests eating pasties in the streets before throwing the wrapping on the floor and wiping our hands on our thighs. Not only is there a decline in manner, but there is a decline in language.

    • Word count: 965
  25. I stood with my thumb out and stared into the emptiness that surrounded me. I waited for quite a while and started to think I was on the wrong road or something from all the bizarre looks I was getting as cars drove past.

    Maybe it was the way I looked, I wasn't sure at this moment, but continued my long wait for someone to pull over. I didn't know what I had got myself into, I wasn't even sure if I wanted a lift, as the thought of possibly being further away from here terrified me even more. My feet started to hurt after standing so long in the damp nastiness. I could see the sky clouds over to a heavy grey, and then the wind picked up and felt horrid.

    • Word count: 1251

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast two candidates

    "In conclusion, despite Senator Collins' advantages, I still disagree wit her points of view on the war in Iraq, tax cuts to corporations and her lack of support for universal healthcare plan. The contrasts between the two candidates could not be clearer. Susan Collins has acted in the interest of the President and Republican Party, while Tom Allen consistently stood up to the Bush administration and has always fought for Mainers. He has a record to be proud, and it shows what kind of Senator he will be. Hopefully, if Tom Allen gets elected, he will live up to his words and promises by becoming a fighter for the low and middle class."

  • An essential element of a short story is its ending. Discuss this statement with reference to two short stories of your choice

    "So as you can see the ending was the total opposite to what you would expect. So at the end of the story, the Vallins were reunited and the Tuvaches were split up. The setting of the story fits in very well because it shows how poor the families were and why the money from selling the child was so important. I think the moral of this story is ' In some situations, there is never a right answer.' I think in both of the short stories I have written about the ending has dramatically changed the story for the better. The writer has done this by carrying the same theme all the way through the story, but has still managed to create the unpredictable ending needed to make any short story successful. Sean Morton 29th January 2004"

  • The Crucible: Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play?

    "To conclude, I feel that at the start of the play John realises that what he did to Elizabeth was wrong and he does not wish to go back to that, so already he wishes to protect her. However their relationship was still stale and cold between them both until Elizabeth found out that she was accused of witchcraft. And then she needed to trust John to speak to Abigail and John had a new found love for Elizabeth as he felt he needed to protect her. As the court scene developed they both learnt something new about each other and the ways in which they react to different situation, and I feel that it is the start of the coming together of their relationship. But it is only during Act 4 when Elizabeth is trying to persuade John to admit to seeing the devil that I feel their relationship is re-built. But I still feel that Elizabeth was not the same with John after the affair as at the end of the play and in echoes down the corridor she moves on too easily."

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