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AS and A Level: Composition

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Is language an innate module?

    4 star(s)

    For example, the word order in English is Subject, Verb, Object but this can differ around the world. The UG idea is supported in the way that children have knowledge of language that they have not been taught by an adult, for example the past tense. During the early years when the child is learning to talk, caregivers tend to give feedback on language based on the meaning of speech rather than the accuracy of their grammar. This proves how there is little focus on the grammar through the role of the caregiver giving specific instructions on grammatical rules .The speed and apparent ease that children have of this complex process also supports the UG concept.

    • Word count: 1591
  2. Marked by a teacher

    1984, V for vendetta

    3 star(s)

    "A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering yourself" (62) are key signs that notifies the thought police to detect how an individual emotionally feel inside. By making the people strive to survive and stay away from committing "facecrime," the Party is physically torturing the citizens by coercing them to restrain their facial expressions. Similarily, the identical type of police exists in V for Vendetta known as the Fingermen. When Evey breaks the curfew, the Fingermen legally gain the power to decide how they should punish her.

    • Word count: 1085
  3. Marked by a teacher

    The Crucible: Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play?

    3 star(s)

    But also there is a part in him that knows God is his judge and also he must follow his own morals 'He is a sinner... against his own vision of decent conduct' and he does not wish to go back to committing adultery. And we see that he is strong towards his wife than Abigail 'You'll speak nothin' of Elizabeth!' as he wishes to protect her from Abigail, which is his aim throughout the court scene after Elizabeth is accused of committing in witchcraft by Abigail.

    • Word count: 1409
  4. I stood with my thumb out and stared into the emptiness that surrounded me. I waited for quite a while and started to think I was on the wrong road or something from all the bizarre looks I was getting as cars drove past.

    Maybe it was the way I looked, I wasn't sure at this moment, but continued my long wait for someone to pull over. I didn't know what I had got myself into, I wasn't even sure if I wanted a lift, as the thought of possibly being further away from here terrified me even more. My feet started to hurt after standing so long in the damp nastiness. I could see the sky clouds over to a heavy grey, and then the wind picked up and felt horrid.

    • Word count: 1251
  5. Red Rings. Crucifixes hung on the door of every house and bound to the necks of every poor soul that knew what was best for them. Prayers of protection .offerings of bread, meat placed on doorsteps of a crescent night.

    She stopped, standing; hoping this was it. No turning back. Knock Knock The enormous door of this well groomed mansion slowly creaked opened. A lady; gleaming of beauty, eyes glistening and glowing of hypnotism left the girl breathless, forgetting what she came for .Such an angelic sight. A sinister grin grew on the lady's face. She found what she had been looking for; a rat crawled into a serpent's nest. The girl felt her body going numb the moment their eyes locked; mesmerized in a hypnotic trance unable to gaze away she was unable to move her body.

    • Word count: 1818
  6. Technological advancement has worsened the problem of poverty. Do you agree?

    Instead, technology could have make matters worse, causing even more people to trap in the quagmire of poverty. Technology has advanced at the expense of our wealth. Needless to say, though, it is wrong to state that technological advancement has not improved the plight of the poor. With the invention of machinery such as tractors and harvesters, the labour per unit area in the agricultural sectors reduces and hence, leading to a higher productivity. The increase in productivity could also be seen in commercial fishing whereby expensive equipment such as acoustic sonar is used to detect schools of fish. When the fishermen are able to tell where the fish are, fishing becomes more productive. Thus, the catch increases.

    • Word count: 1260
  7. I was worried about accepting a lift in a vehicle with South African license plates. This was, after all, still the apartheid years, and Zambia had been bombed by the South African air force less than six months before our trip.

    My job was fulfilling despite the overcrowded classrooms and 1920s British textbooks and by the end of the first year I was beginning to realize that job satisfaction was dependant on a lot more than my student s academic successes. Besides the new experiences in my community, the opportunities to travel were fantastic. It was near the end of one particular trip that I learned how important one teacher s influence can be. On this occasion Janet and I had been visiting the fabled Victoria Falls that Livingstone had so loved.

    • Word count: 1303
  8. Has society outgrown religion? // A hindrance to society or a useful delusion?

    Nor can it provide feasible answers to questions such as "what is the meaning to life?" or "what is truly good?" So why is it that we no longer believe the answers and explanations provided by religion to be true (or even feasible)? Most of all, it's the scientific processes allowed by vast technological advancement. Since the theories of Darwin, Galileo, Einstein, etc, which provide proof along with their explanations, the power of these old-age tales has been massively decreased whilst the urge to search for more and more scientific truths has rocketed.

    • Word count: 1024
  9. Caged - I pressed my fingers together, questioning whether they would touch, or simply pass through each other. This act taught me that I was a not a ghost; for my gleaming fingers met, casting a shiver through my limbs as they did so.

    I cast my eyes over my limbs, which by then were glowing an azure shade of blue. I pressed my fingers together, questioning whether they would touch, or simply pass through each other. This act taught me that I was a not a ghost; for my gleaming fingers met, casting a shiver through my limbs as they did so. There was a stirring beyond the door, a scuffling of feet. It was no doubt the nurses flurrying to another patient, however I did doubt; and I scrambled and scurried quickly away from my barren body like it were the most perilous of contagious diseases.

    • Word count: 1273
  10. Composition in the style of a Mills and Boon novel with analysis

    She didn't care. She loved teaching those kids; it made her world a better place when she saw their smiling faces at the start of the day. Right. Time to gen up. Darting past a taxi that was dangerously close and ignoring the yells of "Hey, lady! Are you out of your mind?!", Stella sprinted up the street while attempting to refresh the main points of the passages she had read on the subject. It cannot be denied that ever since the rise in popularity of the "Whole Language" approach in the 1980s, teaching phonetics as the primary method of introducing literacy has not been without controversy- Stella shrieked as she collided with something very large and very solid.

    • Word count: 1078
  11. Without conflict there is no progress or change. Discuss

    It is for this reason that Time magazine once wrote that "American democracy is being altered by Alinsky's ideas" and conservative author William Buckley remarked he was "very close to being an organizational genius". Yet, his desire for change to the status quo, for better social cohesion, meant "friction" was inevitably produced. A conservative church journal once wrote, "it is impossible to follow both Jesus Christ and Saul Alinsky", just as a government official, Hyman Bookbinder, labeled him "outrageously false [and] intemperate headline seeking".

    • Word count: 1496
  12. English Self-Evaluation Essay. I have argued against my mistakes that have presented themselves with my essay writing, and yet I have no way to guarantee that these arguments will gain me the B- I would hope to achieve. I have experienced a slow death by

    A C+ however, is likely the only grade I will receive, and thus that is the mark I will strive to accomplish through this essay. If Hansel and Gretel were to survive through the long perils of secondary school and then enroll in a university such as I did, they would probably experience some major d�j� vu. If an individual were to read this Grims Fairy Tale, the bread crumbs could be seen as a symbol that represents the method in which high schools teach.

    • Word count: 1572
  13. Can you paint with all the colours of the wind? Every day we consume energy and fail to recognize how we should do it in a more environmentally friendly way. Little do people know the story behind energy and how it is connected to the quality of our liv

    Every time we burn fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. In a natural carbon cycle, carbon dioxide is re-absorbed by plants and trees. However, the rate we are producing carbon dioxide is so quick that plants and trees have no chance of absorbing it. These extra carbon emissions are affecting our earth's atmosphere. Therefore, to maintain a better future, we ought to reduce our carbon emission. In addition, all this extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere changes the overall temperature of the planet. It is rising, causing what is known as global warming.

    • Word count: 1024
  14. The 25th of April, Anzac Day The one day of the year that evokes universal emotions in so many people. I am no different as I stand with pride as an Air Force cadet in my perfectly pressed blue uniform, time honored slouch hat, high polished belt buc

    bets are on Brewell, who is nearly 15 kgs overweight and known to never make it through a bivouac without having to report to the First Aid station at least once. As I stand with my head solemnly bowed, my mind wanders as I stand perfectly still. I think of Granddad, who when he was not much older than me was "Chasing Japs around the bloody jungle". This is the only insight I have of Granddad and the war as he seldom talks of it.

    • Word count: 1065
  15. Discuss the statistic that 51% of the world is women but only 8% of countries have an elected female leader.

    In the early 1990s, Rwanda had less than 18% of women standing in parliament. Presently, 56% of Rwanda's house of Parliament consists of females, the highest proportion of females in parliament worldwide.7 These women took charge of the country after the genocide almost wiped out the males in Rwanda. Many women have proved to the world that they are capable of running a country.

    • Word count: 1393
  16. Girl power - women who have inspired me. As the third wave feminism hits the shores of less developed countries, more girls are taking control over their lives rather than tolerate being mistreated by their community. These women believe that they can sh

    However, only an average of 19 percent of women holds parliament positions in the world today.2 Personal disinterest aside, women face many challenges in their attempts to join politics. The culture of female inferiority in Asian and African parts of the world has been so deeply inculcated that most women merely accept their social roles and subdue to their male counterparts. Then there are issues such as disapproval from family members to join politics as they believe that the primary role of women should be taking care of her family at home and inaccessibility to education that makes them unaware of the opportunities available.

    • Word count: 1001
  17. Parenthood Are You Ready To Take Responsibility?

    The decision to become a parent should only come once the parents to be are positively sure that they are willing to take hold of everything that comes along with rearing a child. Many of those who decide to have children decide to have them for the wrong reasons. Often young women make the mistake of having children in the hopes of achieving commitment from the child's father, or maybe they are suffering because of a bad home life. Young women may become pregnant in order to have a way out of their parent's home.

    • Word count: 1939
  18. To What extent do Hardy and Walker depict Tess and Celie as victims of fate and unable to change?

    about disasters in the novel that we can claim occur due to fate, it appears the main characters are subject to forces beyond their control. The author employs a very fatalistic plot throughout the novel making Tess endure whatever is thrown at her . In the first chapter of the book the horse Prince dies, this is seen as Tess' fault as she falls as sleep due to being exhausted, this happens at night when the weather is very depressed.

    • Word count: 1847
  19. Courtship Of Mr Lyon and Wolf Alice Comparison Essay

    In general those who tend to 'stick out' are ignored, abandoned and shunned. The use of this narrative choice enables reader's to be faced with the reality of their actions and encourage them to change their views. Beauty exists within days of 'pastel-coloured idleness', a sense of boredom reinforced by the use of soft sounding constanants and open vowels. The choice of these lexis help to suggest details regarding Beauty's persona, a passive character, innocent and submissive, unable to make her own decisions, reflecting historical context, many women were considered to occupy this role within Carter's writing time.

    • Word count: 1605
  20. Home, Home on the Range

    Or the Foy's, who believe in being early, are going to come in for beer at twelve. Here was the consistency a body could count on, out here on the golf course. The Frog is one of the most well groomed golf courses in the state. The grass is a bright healthy green, with each blade cut low and evenly throughout the course. Every morning our outside staffs, who coincidently were all Mexicans, would arrive at about five in the early morning hour to clean and prepare for the day's clients.

    • Word count: 1622
  21. Should students use Wikipedia for references?

    Teachers always advise and encourage students avoid using Wikipedia's sources because it is not reliable at all. That is partially true because the dependability of the Wikipedia's information can be judged based on the comparison with other reliable resources, the frequency of editing and the wordings and tone of the materials. The quality of the Wikipedia's sources is in fact depending on what you are trying to retrieve. If we solely utilize the Wikipedia's resources for our references, we will certainly fail. The inferiority of Wikipedia is that the information provided is relatively unofficial and inconsistent. We can validate the trustworthiness of Wikipedia by comparing the information with other reliable and authorized websites.

    • Word count: 1004
  22. What do I plan to get in the future four or five years in university?

    In order to achieve my goal, I will be more active in the extra-curricular activities to solidify my teamwork spirit as well as other skills; I will also explore my 2 undiscovered interest so as to diversify my self a little more and expose more to the unknown side of the world: and lastly I will try my utmost to ensure the university life will help me to establish my unique personalities so as to have a chance to settle in the society in the future.

    • Word count: 1135
  23. Eric was a stable, dependable man, a good man, but he was entirely transparent. To him, Anne was nothing less than an enigma. Whatever had become of their relationship of their marriage?

    From the ceiling hung a chandelier, long left untouched and crusted with dust. The unbearable heat and silence of the room was bound to awaken lethargy in any woman. But she knew that her sheer lack of energy had nothing to do with the temperature or the absence of sound. If a stranger had walked into a parlour--upon hearing the silence, breathing the dust, and sensing the death and memory pulsating in the air--he would have suspected Anne to be nothing more than a pristinely preserved corpse.

    • Word count: 1756
  24. The Downfall of Macbeth

    If chance will have me king,/ why, chance may crown me,/ Without my stir."(I, iii, 142-144) Macbeth's over confident attitude is the first characteristic the witches detect, and they take advantage of this trait to bring about his downfall. If the witches did not play up his confidence, he would not have got himself killed. As the play progresses, Macbeth slowly relies on the witches' prophecies. He returns to seek their guidance again when he realizes that everyone is turning against him. This is when the witches give him three apparitions that make him extremely confident about his position on the throne. The first one of the three apparitions tells him to watch out for Macduff.

    • Word count: 1433
  25. Taste of thailand has the cure for flu and the cure for boring food

    They had moved to Dublin from Thailand, where she was born and was taught to cook and love food. She was an English teacher in Thailand, however when she moved to Dublin she was to make something out of a small tea shop which was left to her by her Auntie, Lei Su. It was food that kept her in touch with her roots and her people, holding the smells and flavours of her youth close even from thousands of miles away.

    • Word count: 1431

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast two candidates

    "In conclusion, despite Senator Collins' advantages, I still disagree wit her points of view on the war in Iraq, tax cuts to corporations and her lack of support for universal healthcare plan. The contrasts between the two candidates could not be clearer. Susan Collins has acted in the interest of the President and Republican Party, while Tom Allen consistently stood up to the Bush administration and has always fought for Mainers. He has a record to be proud, and it shows what kind of Senator he will be. Hopefully, if Tom Allen gets elected, he will live up to his words and promises by becoming a fighter for the low and middle class."

  • An essential element of a short story is its ending. Discuss this statement with reference to two short stories of your choice

    "So as you can see the ending was the total opposite to what you would expect. So at the end of the story, the Vallins were reunited and the Tuvaches were split up. The setting of the story fits in very well because it shows how poor the families were and why the money from selling the child was so important. I think the moral of this story is ' In some situations, there is never a right answer.' I think in both of the short stories I have written about the ending has dramatically changed the story for the better. The writer has done this by carrying the same theme all the way through the story, but has still managed to create the unpredictable ending needed to make any short story successful. Sean Morton 29th January 2004"

  • The Crucible: Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play?

    "To conclude, I feel that at the start of the play John realises that what he did to Elizabeth was wrong and he does not wish to go back to that, so already he wishes to protect her. However their relationship was still stale and cold between them both until Elizabeth found out that she was accused of witchcraft. And then she needed to trust John to speak to Abigail and John had a new found love for Elizabeth as he felt he needed to protect her. As the court scene developed they both learnt something new about each other and the ways in which they react to different situation, and I feel that it is the start of the coming together of their relationship. But it is only during Act 4 when Elizabeth is trying to persuade John to admit to seeing the devil that I feel their relationship is re-built. But I still feel that Elizabeth was not the same with John after the affair as at the end of the play and in echoes down the corridor she moves on too easily."

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