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AS and A Level: Composition

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  1. Free essay

    Hamlet essay

    In doing this I will also examine the context in which "Hamlet" was written, and the aims of Shakespeare within this Metaphysical period. This will provide me with a springboard into looking at whether Hamlet's tragic downfall occurred because one of the indications was the unlikelihood of Claudius being a successful replacement, because it will allow me to examine how far the reasons for Hamlet Junior wanting to avenge his father derive from his anger that Claudius cannot replace his father.

    • Word count: 5454
  2. Examine the ways in which Shakespeare presents and uses revenge in Hamlet

    Claudius' main motive for killing his brother is he wants to become him. Claudius wanted to be king, marry Gertrude and stop Hamlet from being king. We knew Claudius killed old Hamlet in the beginning of the play but we suppress our knowledge in order to engage in the development of the story. Shakespeare encourages this by involving the audience in Hamlet's struggle to accept his mother's incestuous marriage, the mourning of his father and his relationship with Ophelia. The Christian church insisted that vengeance was God's business not man's. Revenge was both a mortal sin and a sin by law.

    • Word count: 3154
  3. The final separation between drugs and school

    Such stunts can lead to arrests and/or criminal records, which can permanently prevent these teenagers from getting specific jobs. These students are also unknowledgeable about drugs and may either unknowingly take poisonous drugs, misuse the drugs, or overdose on drugs. All of these situations are extraordinarily dangerous and result in deaths every year. Yet, despite all of these consequences, drugs are still being used daily in high schools. Clearly, drug use in high schools has become a very serious issue for all parties involved. A solution is needed quickly in order to save today's youth and render them responsible enough to run our world tomorrow.

    • Word count: 3000
  4. Lone Wolf. He reached into a pocket. BANG! Goraz the ape man had been struck! Jonah blew the smoke from the barrel of his golden revolver. Dont say I didnt warn you, he said smugly.

    Celeste was blushing redder than a tomato; she couldn't remember when a man last gave her such a compliment (most likely due to her amnesic state). "Well then, shall we get going?" "Where to, and why do you want me to come with you? I still have no idea who on earth you really are," spouted Celeste, she was now rather tense. "All will be explained in due time, all I want to do is help you find meaning for your life," "That's a little hazy, but I trust you.

    • Word count: 6150
  5. English short story.

    It looked like no other house she had seen before. Its walls were tall, with beautiful stone carvings as decorations, giving Cassandra an impression of an old small castle like house, with four floors and a massive roof pointing out, nearly blocking the sun set. A sound of a slamming door echoed to Cassandra's earshot, closely followed by the yells of excitement, which she recognized straight away. "CASSIE!" three girls, around the same age, came running, hands outstretched toward her. "Lucy, Polina, Jennifer!" Cassie screamed out and let herself be welcomed by hugs of her three best friends.

    • Word count: 3009
  6. The difference between a tabloid and broadsheet article

    Analysis of article from 'The Sun' Graphology: The article that I am analysing appears on the front page of The Sun, as a main story being published on that day. A large, bold headline appears under the phrase 'F1 r****m Storm', reading 'A load of Prix'. This is clearly a homophone, as there are two meanings, two spellings but identical sounds of the word 'prix'. The word 'Prix' could be considered as taboo lexis if it was spelt differently. A sub-heading appears underneath this reading 'Lewis blasts Spanish bigots as fury grows', with 'blasts' being an example of journalese.

    • Word count: 3314
  7. Memories of Evacuation during the Second World War.

    Then came the radio announcement that many areas were to be designated evacuation areas and others were to be reception areas; I can well remember the announcer saying that Dover was to be an evacuation area and then my mother turning to my father and saying "that doesn't mean us, though, does it?" - a forlorn wish, born out of dread, I am sure, based on the fact that our village of River was just outside Dover! Well, of course it did mean us and so we waited for the evacuation instructions, my mother and father with an ever-increasing sense of dread, fear and anxiety.

    • Word count: 3533
  8. In Jonas’ Community Everything Is Laid Out For Them.

    On a long and treacherous journey Jonas tries to make to Elsewhere. As he travels on his memories are slowly fading away from his grasp. Just as they, the Giver and Jonas, planned the memories went back to the community and the Giver helped them receive the memories just as he had done with Jonas. Jonas lives in a community where pain, rudeness, and war are non-existent. Every child undergoes a ceremony in December every year until they reach twelve years of age, at which point they receive their Assignments, the jobs they will perform as adults.

    • Word count: 3585

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Compare and contrast two candidates

    "In conclusion, despite Senator Collins' advantages, I still disagree wit her points of view on the war in Iraq, tax cuts to corporations and her lack of support for universal healthcare plan. The contrasts between the two candidates could not be clearer. Susan Collins has acted in the interest of the President and Republican Party, while Tom Allen consistently stood up to the Bush administration and has always fought for Mainers. He has a record to be proud, and it shows what kind of Senator he will be. Hopefully, if Tom Allen gets elected, he will live up to his words and promises by becoming a fighter for the low and middle class."

  • An essential element of a short story is its ending. Discuss this statement with reference to two short stories of your choice

    "So as you can see the ending was the total opposite to what you would expect. So at the end of the story, the Vallins were reunited and the Tuvaches were split up. The setting of the story fits in very well because it shows how poor the families were and why the money from selling the child was so important. I think the moral of this story is ' In some situations, there is never a right answer.' I think in both of the short stories I have written about the ending has dramatically changed the story for the better. The writer has done this by carrying the same theme all the way through the story, but has still managed to create the unpredictable ending needed to make any short story successful. Sean Morton 29th January 2004"

  • The Crucible: Discuss the changes in the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor in the course of the play?

    "To conclude, I feel that at the start of the play John realises that what he did to Elizabeth was wrong and he does not wish to go back to that, so already he wishes to protect her. However their relationship was still stale and cold between them both until Elizabeth found out that she was accused of witchcraft. And then she needed to trust John to speak to Abigail and John had a new found love for Elizabeth as he felt he needed to protect her. As the court scene developed they both learnt something new about each other and the ways in which they react to different situation, and I feel that it is the start of the coming together of their relationship. But it is only during Act 4 when Elizabeth is trying to persuade John to admit to seeing the devil that I feel their relationship is re-built. But I still feel that Elizabeth was not the same with John after the affair as at the end of the play and in echoes down the corridor she moves on too easily."

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