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AS and A Level: Composition

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  1. English Creative writing inspired by The Power of Five: Nightrise

    Despair is another significant theme in this book. When Jamie and Scott are separated, Jamie becomes desperate to get him back, he lets his rage and sadness take over and he does everything he can to get him back with no worry about the consequences. Death is not as significant as other themes but it does come a lot in the book. When Scott is taken by the Nightrise Corporation, his and Jamie?s? adoptive parents are murdered in an attempt to dispose of Jamie.

    • Word count: 1208
  2. A Modest Proposal For Eliminating Poverty and to Provide the Unemployed with great opportunities for Success

    Small Businesses erased, large industries filing bankruptcy, mass amounts of the work force laid off. At the end of this chaos, thousands are left unemployed and many more are living in poverty. Unemployment can lead to poverty, so it can be deduced that it would be impossible to completely eliminate poverty without eliminating unemployment. One of the causes of unemployment is the erratic trends of the stock market. The people of 2011 have seen a major automotive crisis which left many unemployed.

    • Word count: 695
  3. Keeping in view the present situation of Pakistan, national, political, individual or any sort of achievement is not possible with the current status of education in this country.

    This quote tends to highlight the importance of education as an essential human virtue, a necessity for society, a sign for freedom and development and a basis for superiority, happiness and success. Throughout history, education has remained the only institution through which man guided his destiny and shaped his successful future. Education is a big source of evolution that has passed through many stages of mankind and reached the present age of science and technology. Therefore, if the importance of education could not be denied in those earlier times, then how would be it possible to strive for a better future without being in touch with education?

    • Word count: 664
  4. Production Piece: Challenging the representation of sex offenders in society.

    You never come across anyone who believes they?re a bad person or their mind shouldn?t be wondering things society dictates they?re not allowed to wonder about. Doesn?t everyone put their past into a compact, air tight box? Doesn?t everyone lock it and throw away the key? Just to make sure that when that undeniable desire to open the box arrives, you physically can?t, and you are forced to dismiss it and carry on with your day.

    • Word count: 516
  5. 2 out of 3 monologue. Paul told me that since we lost our 2nd baby Ive changed and now I fight with him over the smallest thing.

    Finally, the other night I thought he was finally going to talk to me, but all he ended up saying was ?If it bothers you that much go see a therapist. But just shut up about it will you!??it really bothered me. I don't want to go see a therapist; I just want to be able to talk to him about it. I don't want to pretend that it didn't exist. She starts to get emotional.

    • Word count: 650
  6. US Society. The terms acting white are used these days to insult someone that is not living by their stereotype.

    Those people are the people that society accuses of ?Acting White?. There are also those people that society views as ?trying to be white? or claim, because they don?t want anything to do with their stereotype. The thought of ?acting white? and ?trying to be white? are so close that many people seem to think that they are the same thing. Some people seem develop these ideas because they believe that only white kids have a good chance of education, and because of the racial inequality in the past years, making them more valuable to society.

    • Word count: 1727
  7. Is it time to ban smoking in any public place?

    mainstream smoke (which is smoke exhaled by a smoker and inhaled by the nonsmoker). The sidestream smoke contains elevated levels of carcinogens (which causes cancer) than mainstream smoke. The particles in the sidestream smoke are smaller in size and enter the body more readily (Learn About Cancer, 2011). There are so many scientific medical reasons which shows why smoking in public places need to be banned; smoking in public does not only affect the smoker but also those around them, both employees and other guests.

    • Word count: 2002
  8. Campus Racism 101 Writing Prompt: Nikki Giovsani wrote this article in 1944. Is this topic still an issue in today's society, or has it become an outdated argument?

    When Someone does not look like an American; people immediatly belittle them. The truth of the matter is that, to be an American, means that you can be any shape, size, enthnicity or race, but this is not how society looks at it. take the new show All-American Muslim for example. These people come to America in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their famalies, but are quickly shown that this maybe harder than expected because of all the hateful acts done againist them. This happens more than people think in today's society.

    • Word count: 1167
  9. 9/11 - Who's to blame? Summarising the conspiracy theories.

    The first conspiracy theory is that people actually knew about the attacks before they happened. An extraordinary amount of put options (bets on the shares of the airline) were placed on the United Airlines and American Airlines stocks, the same two airlines that were hijacked during the attacks. Many speculate that traders were tipped off about the attacks, and profited from the disaster. The only reason that Osama Bin Laden was a suspect was after the police received information from more than one Wall Street Firm that it was he who had plotted and carried out the attacks.

    • Word count: 1283
  10. Fear We were due to jump at 3pm. The intensity of it all was building up. I had never jumped solo before.

    I had been instructed before to just give it a gentle tug...the cord snapped off. My parachute had failed. This is when the panic kicked in. All the training I had received, gone. My mind drew a complete blank. I was looking around desperately at Jake and Ryan, while the earth was hurtling towards us rapidly. Ryan tilted himself forward, causing his whole body to move forwards in the air, moving towards me. He pulled a cord on my parachute, so as to activate the emergency chute, something which had not been explained to me, as they didn?t see the point, it usually works...The emergency chute failed.

    • Word count: 670
  11. Film Review: Inception

    Inception veers away from the ?norm? of movies made of late, the concept is completely distinct. Whereas the movie is not the first of its kind regarding the notion of entering the subconscious of people; it is certainly the most captivating and intelligently juxtaposed with the idea of theft and conning others. Such is Inception?s brilliance that you undoubtedly will decide to watch the movie again and again; I know I did! Ingenious ideas are not often come about; this film is the exception, not only is the move as a whole genius, the subplots and dramas within are too!

    • Word count: 782
  12. Witness 1985 Short Story. Composition and commentary.

    What had happened? His memories before had woken up here were nothing but a haze. Closing his eyes tightly, he tried to picture where he had been before he had woken up here. The memories started to trickle through the darkness of his mind, gradually forming shapes and images until it finally washed through him like a wave and he could remember. It had started with a phone call * ?Did you deliver the kid?s interview to Shaefer?? the John had asked from the telephone. It was the middle of the night and the call had been a rude awakening for Carter.

    • Word count: 2554
  13. Should my children be sent into kindergarten as early as possible?

    Thus, it is worthy and considerable for us and parents to weigh up the pros and cons of sending their children to kindergarten at young age like 3 years old before making any further decision. 1. There must be rationales why some parents prefer signing their children for kindergarten at such a young age. Virtually, this pre-school education does provide a host of advantages for children. Social interaction is probably the first and foremost soft skill that children will learn in kindergarten school.

    • Word count: 636
  14. It is right that students should contribute to the cost of their degrees?

    The governments should be aware that the effectiveness of education is measured after the number of ambitious, talented students who fulfil their potential. It is obvious that whether the state funds their degrees there exists the admissibility for students not to work so hard and not aiming to affirm within the society. From the psychological point of view, people are inclined not to appreciate enough something for what they do not need to work hard in order to achieve their goals.

    • Word count: 523
  15. Does Money Buy Happiness?

    There are several arguments as to whether this is true. Some will say yes, no, or neutral. Honestly, I personally think that to an extent money can buy happiness. However, no you do not need to be extremely successful to have enough money to equal enough happiness. There are people without such a home as some others with 200 acre lands that could be miserable. So, there is not a simply ?right? answer to the question: Does money buy happiness? The poem ?Your Life Will Never Dull or Your Money Back? contradicts the argument that money can in fact purchase joy. Sometimes, money is not absolutely necessary.

    • Word count: 516
  16. A Heroic Act

    A hundred metres away, we spotted the public bus. However, there was something unusual about it. The bus was shaking as if it was in a deep mud pool and that is when I noticed that murky black smoke was coming out of the bus?s windows. At that moment, bystanders and witnesses were pushing behind me; trying to see what was happening. Some were still while others were panicking. I wondered why the bus did not screech to a halt under all the circumstances.

    • Word count: 486
  17. A typical day in the life of a street child

    Life moves at its regular pace for most of us. But, deserts do exist beyond our green pastures. It's just that they are overlooked by our money-blinded eyes. For me it was yet another fine day when something bizarre caught my sight. A child, maybe a couple of years old, was wandering at the robot. Walking bare feet and in rags, he was mopping cars with a filthy piece of cloth. One knows what Pretoria is like in the month of January. When the temperature reaches 32 ' C, we think of resting in our air-conditioned rooms, relaxing in our double beds, and sipping a cold drink or lemonade. But that young boy was cleaning rich peoples cars.

    • Word count: 598
  18. Persuasive writing- America should lower the drinking age to 18 at least.

    The number one reason why teens drink is to rebel by breaking the law. Over an unbelievable number of seniors drink over the weekend, and half of them get arrested. Teenagers aren?t used to drink alcohol so they pass over the limit, because they don?t know what do and end up doing stupid thing like drinking and driving. Teenagers aren?t used to drinking so they don?t know how to control it so that ends up serious damages to them like, over 5,000 teenagers from ages 16-20 die each year of drinking and driving and over 400,000 teens have seriously injuries each year related to car accidents.

    • Word count: 619
  19. Cause and Effect of Not Going to College.

    Your surroundings can cause a huge difference on how you view life. What you see others do can influence you. If others are just getting a job and no degree, then that's what you believe, if no one is telling you any different. No high school diploma and becoming a statistic are also amongst some societies. The effects of your society can either break you or build you up. But in this case it can hurt you. What happens when you lose your job and you don't have a degree? It is harder to find another job because they want someone with a degree and experience.

    • Word count: 661

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