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NOTHING'S GONNA CHANGE I can still remember that it was March 2005 when it all started.I was arranging everything for my best friend's wedding like what I promised her. Serenity (Serene for short), my best friend, was so busy for she was only counting a couple of months away before she would be married. The much awaited wedding would be done on June, and everyone was so thankful that my cousin Drei finally asked Serene to marry him. They have been together for seven years and everyone was telling them that they are not getting any younger. Serene was 26 by that time and Drei was 28. Everything was perfect - the time, the place, the set up. Everyone was thinking that it was best for them to marry each other and have a family of their own. They were both established individuals in their chosen careers and very much stable to raise their own family. Besides, Serene's foster parents died two years ago on a plane crash and she was all alone then. That was a very tragic part of her life and we thought she could never make it. She was always looking at the wall, staring at nothing with a blank expression on her face. We(the barkada) ...read more.


JUST A FRIEND", I said. I fell asleep with that thought in my mind. Early next morning, I found myself awaken by an inviting smell of breakfast that i guess was still being cooked. I wondered who was doing the job for i knew Drei doesn't know how to cook. I rushed to the kitchen and I was amazed when I found out who was cooking. It was Serene. There she was, humming her favorite lullaby and busy cooking breakfast. I felt my heart skip a beat. "You're back", I said. She turned around and looked at me. And the smile I missed for so long, was there on her face, drowning me. "Miss me?", she asked. I was about to approach her and pull her to me. But to my dismay, Drei entered the room. Serene's attention immediately switched from me to the man she loves. Drei rushed unto her and hugged her tightly. He was crying. In between sobs, i can hear Drei saying "Thank God, honey, Thank God", over and over again. After that faithful day, it took only a while when Drei proposed to Serene. Undoubtedly, my best friend accepted my cousin's wedding proposal. ...read more.


I know you love her even before I came into her life. It's my final wish. I want her to be happy, to smile always. I really love her Sander. I never loved any woman like this. You will take care of her, that I'm sure of. Love her with all of your heart, with all you can give. Do whatever it takes to make her happy.. And PLEASE... Never tell her about this. I trust you cousin... Goodbye. Two years passed. Serene and I got married. We never heard about Drei, but I let Serenity know what really happened. She cried at first but then she was able to accept everything. She said that maybe it was God's will for us to be together. And of course, she was so thankful to Drei for what he did. Two years ago, I found out that I was Serene's first love. I never let go of that for I felt the same way, too. I courted her and she became my girlfriend. After a lot of waiting, I finally asked her to marry me. Everything went smoothly and now we have a twin. We are a very happy and contented family. I can still remember our promise to one another: "Nothing's gonna change... From now till forever.. You are my happily ever after... I love you..." THE END ...read more.

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