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AS and A Level: Other Play Writes

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  1. Mrs Lintott - The History Boys

    By doing this the audience understand more in depth the way in which she converses outside of being a teacher, because she is having a conversation with Hector, so looses the restrictions that are intrinsic with her character and teacher persona. The sentence structure in this line is very short and simple, portraying the abruptness and often emotionless tone to her speech, contrasting with Hector who is vibrant and eccentric with words and language. There is a link here to later in the play, when Mrs Lintott vents her frustration about the passion of her subject being drained from her because it is gender bias.

    • Word count: 796
  2. The Truman Show

    On the contrary, Christof, the producer in The Truman Show movie sets everything up especially for him and tries his best to keep Truman in his utopia, Seahaven. It is a perfect world where Truman traps in and his whole life has been manipulated by someone else. In the beginning, Truman always says "In case I don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening and good night." without doubt that he is being filmed and says it because that is who and how he is.

    • Word count: 621
  3. Explore the ways R.C. Sherriff presents the attitudes of key characters in 'Journey's End'. Compare and contrast your findings with the ways the attitudes of key characters are presented by Peter Whelan in 'The Accrington Pals'

    However, on the front, when circumstances force the two men together outside of a school environment, a number of class-related problems and insecurities begin to show. Stanhope instantly feels that, because of the drinking problem that he's developed after many months of nerve-grating war, he might not be the reliable, respectable character that Raleigh used to look up to; he admits to Osbourne, "If I went up those steps into the front line - without being doped with whiskey - I'd go mad with fright".

    • Word count: 1734
  4. Explore Sheriff's presentation of the theme of the effects of war on soldiers' emotions in 'Journey's End'?

    It is only retrospectively, through the character of Raleigh, that the audience begins to understand that he wasn't always like this. Raleigh reveals him as "old Dennis", someone to admire even if it is simply because he was a "jolly good bat", his view is emphasized by the stage direction "(suddenly brightens up)" which shows that Raleigh clearly hero-worships Stanhope, the word "brightens" connotes the idea of hope and faith, which Raleigh undoubtedly has in Stanhope. Sherriff employs many dramatic devices in order to reinforce the two sides to Stanhope, the alcoholic, quick-tempered side being due to war.

    • Word count: 1100
  5. Do you agree that Yeats creates a scene of tragic intensity in Purgatory, or is the play too short and the characters too thinly evinced for this to be the case?

    This intimate setting forces closeness between the characters and audience: though it finishes with the Old Man abandoning the scene leaving it desolate. The complexity of Shakespeare's Hamlet, there are more precise actions and plot in Purgatory, making it easier to understand, and allowing the seemingly simple plot to have all attention on it, resulting in a claustrophobic and tense atmosphere. In Purgatory there are only two characters for the audience to focus on, which provides enough space and time in his play to create characters that are evinced clearly enough to serve their purpose as model examples of an old and a young boy, which provides the plot with a deeper impact.

    • Word count: 1288
  6. What do we learn about everyday life in the trenches in Act 1 in Journeys End?

    From what we are told, life in the trenches was at the very least dim, dull and disgusting. There was the fear of biting rats, the constant soaking of feet on the muddy floors and then the thought of dying whilst on duty. The soldiers try and make the trenches as homely as possible, by having "a few tattered magazine pictures pinned to the wall of girls in flimsy costumes." When not on duty, soldiers would try and make the most out of their boring, life in the dark dugouts. When it came to food, it was not the best of quality because of the fact that they were in a war and so they had to make

    • Word count: 1211
  7. A Tale of Two Cities

    They are the ones who ruled the country and set the laws. With a more sophisticated education, their accomplishments were greater. The upper class holds most of the nation's wealth and opinions. The Evremonde family, which was very wealthy, was greatly disliked by most lower class citizens since they were poorly treated. The French Revolution brought about a change in how the lower class citizens were treated. It also brought about retribution from the lower class in forms of hangings and beheadings of the richer men. Many of the rich tried to flee to England with their riches or their money.

    • Word count: 723
  8. Assess the relevance of Pages 58 - 63 in the History Boys to the rest of the play

    It seems that although older and now in a wheelchair his basic attitude and approach have changed little. He is now a 'personality' presenting a programme upon Rievaulx Abbey and life in monastic orders which he brings down to the level of 'toilet arrangements' stating that he believes this to be the way to bring history to life and the Director reflects upon how he sounds a 'tad schoolmasterly'. Irwin, for all his changed position, having been transported from a life in the classroom to in front of a television camera, is still focussed upon viewing things from an unusual perspective and using language to effect as when he reflects upon the different materials being used in place

    • Word count: 1019
  9. Shaffer portrays Salieris response to Mozart and his music in a way that helps the audience understand and sympathize with his state of mind. Discuss this statement through a detail exploration of Shaffers use of authorial techniques at th

    Piercing me through till breath could hold it........the squeeze box groaned louder" brings the attention to pain Salieri is trying to cope with whilst at the hands of this merciless adversary Mozart. The word piercing brings to mind an idea of stabbing, murder, death which heavily influences a sense of concern for Salieri as he is having his hopes destroyed. However, the conflict runs deeper than that, he knows the music itself is beautiful, and he also knows he can understand it better than anyone can, possibly even greater than Mozart himself.

    • Word count: 1104
  10. Analyze Brecht as the man, the context of his life, his theatre technique of alienation, his theory of historification and his use of episodic theatre.

    During which he left his medical studies in 1921. Brecht wrote his first play in 1918, called BAAL. Eventually Brecht's ideas of Drama that contradicted the Stanislavsky method in realism became a huge influence in the mid-century. The idea of communism interested Brecht and in 1919 he started to associate with Communists. As a result he joined the Independent Social Democratic party. In 1927 Brecht studied under Karl Marx's Das Kapital and by 1929 he had taken on the Communist ideology.

    • Word count: 1260
  11. The History Boys Essay

    Irwin is obviously younger and even more attractive than Hector which could make things even more complicated for Hector. Hector is clearly gay and gropes his students, but what the students do not know is that Irwin too is gay. Hector obviously has realised that the students don't really mind him groping them as they are not objecting in any way. He could be scared that Irwin would do the same as he does and therefore because of his attractiveness the boys would like Irwin more than they like Hector.

    • Word count: 1167
  12. Human nature was fundamentally irrational to the point of insanity. how is this exemplified in Captain Corelli's Mandolni?

    The first encounter of madness within the novel comes in the form of a battered and bruised Francesco. Through the early phases of introducing Francesco, de Bernieres presents the character as a courageous young Italian soldier, Carlo's dearest friend and loyal in serving for his country during the Second World War. The audience is quick to accept Francesco as a good person through the diary entries of Carlo; however it becomes apparent that the destructive and brutal nature of war combined with the harsh climate leads Francesco into losing a grip on reality.

    • Word count: 1106
  13. How does George and Martha's entrance into the house establish an initial sense of their characters?

    Right at the beginning of the play there is name calling and accusation between the couple. Martha and George are both troubled and compulsive characters who are emotionally challenged. Martha and George are not your typical man and wife. Before the 1960s women were denied all the basic rights in most aspects of the society but the 1960s is when the woman liberation movement bought along many changes for women. It was thought that women could have a say in their government, that they could perhaps leave the home without feeling guilty about leaving their children alone, and that they could receive a job and earn wages like men.

    • Word count: 827
  14. How does the theme of invitations begin to develop through A Passage To India(TM) What are the consequences of these invitations?

    Aziz is demanded for by Major Callendar who wanted to see him at his bungalow urgently, Dr. Aziz went straight to Major Callendar's, leaving his dinner with his friends, when he got there Major Callendar had gone without leaving any message, showing the English believe that the Indians are at their beck and call. "But the sahib has left me some message?" "No". The Bridge party seems to be a significant event for the Indians, who consider it with appropriate scepticism they seem to believe that the motivation for the party is not to bridge the gap between the English and Indian societies but however to give a sense of dictatorship by the English over the Indians.

    • Word count: 959
  15. How is Stanhope Represented in the First Two Acts of 'Journey's End'?

    We learn that he is in fact an extremely competent and well respected commander - 'He's a long way the best company commander we've got' and this point is emphasised in Act two as Raleigh writes in his letter, 'He's the finest officer in the battalion, and the men simply love him.' Sherriff presents Stanhope as hard working, and this is mentioned various times throughout the two acts. Osborne says (when defending him against Hardy) - 'He's commanded this company or a year - in and out of the front line.

    • Word count: 840
  16. What Made A Taste of Honey Dramatic

    It would only have been in very rare circumstances that the working classes would have attended. To see a play of this nature covering such unsavoury topics would have shocked the middle class audience. Although they were aware of the above issues it was unlikely that the average theatre going audience at that time would have had any direct contact with the themes covered. To see a play that was to display such a rollercoaster of emotions would have been quite dramatic in itself. A quote from Deuteronomy 5-6-21 "You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the lord will not forgive anyone who misuses his name "Throughout the

    • Word count: 2944
  17. Glengaryy Glen Ross - Act 1, Scene 2

    These opening lines to the scene give a clear indication to the personalities of the characters. Aaronow appears to not be able to hold the conversation, and is clearly the more anxious of the two, and Moss, although his language also appears disjointed, it is less so than the language of Aaronow, and we begin to see immediately the relationship between the two characters. These opening lines also introduce the realistic theme of r****m into the play. The use of the words "Polacks" and "deadbeats" reflects the feelings of the time towards foreign races in America, and this is continued moments later in the scene, when they begin to talk about Indian clients: Aaronow I'd never try to sell an Indian Moss You get those names come up, you ever get 'em, 'Patel'?

    • Word count: 1337
  18. Protagonists in Top Girls (Caryl Churchill)

    In factIn effect, the only real '"actions' and dialogues which contribute to any kind of development" can be seen in the characters meeting to have dinner (and some of what ensues) and the character's going to see each otherin Angie's conversation with Kit when she says she's going to go to see Marlene, and when the characters visit each other. As well as this, Aas all of these characters, except Marlene and Angie, only appear in one scene or one act (for the restaurant scene) it seems that the '"story'" of the play must be that of Marlene and Angie.

    • Word count: 2563
  19. The Birthday Party, a comedy of menace (Pinter)

    A joke with a similar effect is made through another short dialogue between Meg and Petey in which Meg continually asks who is having a baby with Petey insisting that she won't know her until finally saying it's "Lady Mary Splatt", to which Meg replies anticlimactically "I don't know her". This anticlimax as well as the incongruous name of the woman (we do not imagine a "Lady" having the surname "Splatt") creates humour and again lulls the audience into a sense of peace and normality.

    • Word count: 3026
  20. How does Pinter exploit the verbal and the visual in the Birthday Party

    Meg is almost the exact opposite to Petey. Unlike him, the boarding house community seems to be her world; the only time she leaves is to go shopping. She is also very proud of it, saying "this is a very good boarding house. It is. It's on the list" to Petey. Meg seems to be quite simple, asking stupid questions and making obvious statements such as "But sometimes you go out in the morning and its dark". She also seems to believe everything people tell her, for example, she believes that Stanley is a concert pianist despite this being very unlikely.

    • Word count: 5221
  21. "Lady Windermere's Fan is a moral play about immoral people". Explore Wilde's presentation of attitudes in Act One.

    The first conversation is between Lady Windermere and Lord Darlington. We can already start to see how people in the same social milieux have different moral codes. Lady Windermere's moral code is that of a puritanical absolutist; "she allowed of no compromise. I allow of none". Her puritanical ideals are "Its ideal is love. Its purification is sacrifice" and this will lead to goodness. This is ironic as it is in fact Mrs. Erlynne who lives by these ideals but is not given a chance to explain herself.

    • Word count: 1389
  22. Hobson's Choice - With particular reference to Act 1, show how Brighouse presents a comic but honest view of family life, set in late 19th century Salford.

    If these were not enough clues, the objects inside the shop all suggest late 19th century; for example, "the gas brackets in the windows and walls", and "the clogs on exhibit in the windows". Alice and Vickey's actions and dress also suggest a late 19th century setting, as Alice, only 23, is knitting - not an activity which is commonly pursued by the modern young woman - and the pair are wearing aprons for working in a shoe shop. Although Hobson's Choice consists of four Acts, each of these is comprised of several little scenes.

    • Word count: 3185
  23. Remind yourself of Act III Scene 1, Consider the dramatic significance of this episode and what it tells audience about eighteenth century views of marriage

    Despite commencing as a reconciliatory and almost nostalgic exchange 'Yes, yes you were as kind and attentive - ' '..so I was, I would always take your part when my acquaintance used to abuse you..', its rapid descent into yet another passionate quarrel between Sir Peter and Lady Teazle comes as no great surprise to the audience. Sir Peter has already divulged the details of his marital difficulties in his earlier soliloquy where he remarks 'When an old bachelor marries a young wife, what is he to expect?

    • Word count: 979
  24. How does Carol Churchill explore the attitudes of women to work in Top girls ?

    Although the play has a feminist theme, Marlene is a masculine styled woman. Not only in her office life but in her social life too. In Act One, Marlene has many traits that give away her masculine side. She is a very assertive character, very in charge and precise, normal characteristics of a woman however, she presents them in a masculine way. "One of them's going to be late but we wont wait." Here she shows that she is not thinking of other people, she wants to sit down and get organised before other people arrive.

    • Word count: 998
  25. Explore how Carol Churchill presents woman in the role of mother in "Top Girls".

    Griselda sacrificed her children to make the man she loved happy. Griselda does not arrive to the meal until quite late, the other women are all drunk and merry and Griselda appears un noticed. She appears polite but shy and does not want to make a fuss but eventually gives into a pudding, "Oh if everyone is. I don't mind." Marlene automatically puts her in the spot light by introducing her as having the "fairy-story" life. All of the women become interested in Griselda's story and begin questioning it.

    • Word count: 1384

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