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AS and A Level: Glass Menagerie

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  1. How does Williams present the relationship between Amanda and Laura in Scene 2?

    Laura is crippled - we are given the impression that it isn't particularly serious, but conversely, nothing to be brushed lightly aside either. Amanda's inability to accept this fact creates a tension between not only Amanda and her daughter, but Tom as well - who feels he has to protect Laura from her mother's "ambitions" for her. It is important to realise that Amanda does know her daughter is crippled, but just cannot accept the fact that this disability could have a very real negative effect on her daughter's life.

    • Word count: 1244
  2. How and to What Effect are the Key Themes of The Glass Menagerie Presented in Scene One?

    This not only helps us to distinguish the contrast between the past and the present, but reflects how the memories which the character of Tom will be showing us are coated with unhappiness and pain, and creates the effect of a thoughtful, slightly morose mood. Furthermore, Williams? precise and detailed descriptions of the stage setting, such as ?murky canyons of tangled clotheslines, garbage cans, and the sinister latticework of neighboring fire escapes? allow him to achieve a dreamlike atmosphere, as opposed to straightforward realism.

    • Word count: 1396

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