Who is to blame for the tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra? Antony bears the guilt

Sarah Rayner Who is to blame for the tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra? Antony bears the guilt: Shakespeare writes ' Antony and Cleopatra ' in a way where the reader places the blame on Cleopatra. Cleopatra brings the downfall of Mark Antony herself. Shakespear proves this play a tragedy by selecting characteristics of ill fated lovers in Antony and Cleopatra. Poor Antony turns victim to Cleopatra's enslavement, and forgets his duties in Rome. Antony is a disgrace to his Roman self, and "loses himself to dotage" of Cleopatra. He also forgets of his marriage to Caesars sister Octavia and flees back to Egypt, to Cleopatra. If Antony flees to Cleopatra of his own free will, then how is she responsible for his actions? Cleopatra, however, is to blame for Antonys acceptance of her military whims Antony is to blame for his own bad judgement but, defeat by a woman is was virtually unheard of in the patriarchal society of Rome. We can argue that Cleopatra effeminizes Antony, to some extent, this is true. Only by flaw of Antony's character, could any of the events occurred. If Cleopatra is the proven cause, it's only because Antony let himself be caught up in the pleasures of the Egyptian court. Cleopatra's to blame for the tragedies: Cleopatra is the main root of Mark Antonys downfall from a well respected and powerful leader of Rome, to a man who spent his days

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