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AS and A Level: As You Like It

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  • Marked by Teachers essays 1
  1. Forest life changes the characters in As you like it, do you agree?

    One can argue that the characters do respond to the forest, and their characters change as such. One particularly significant example is how Shakespeare constructs the forest as a place of alternative knowledge; Duke Senior finds that the 'winds are his councillors' and that the 'trees shall be my (his) books', that they find 'sermons in stones'. This highlights the homiletic edification that occurs when one engages with nature, and indeed, this is paralleled by the discourse expressed between Rosalind and Celia in Act I, where they comment on how fortune (A product of the court)

    • Word count: 1149
  2. Genre Defense of Shakespeare's As You Like It

    The Forest of Arden gives the characters freedom to act in such silly manners. Once their love relationships have been realized in marriage, the couples can prepare to return to the order, and presumably reason, of the court. The plot of As You Like It centers on the love relationships of four couples. Made up of the lovers' stories and the story of the overthrown Duke Senior, who has fled into the Forest of Arden, the plot is quite complex. It centers on the movement of the characters from the court to the forest and then readying themselves to return to court.

    • Word count: 1580
  3. Character study of Rosalind from As You Like It.

    (111) By implying that Orlando's love is not true love, she immediately inspires Orlando to prove her wrong. Orlando, becoming a little suspicious, inquires why her accent is not rough as a result of her living in the secluded forest her entire life. She retorts almost immediately with an elaborate story in which she states, "But indeed and old religious uncle of mine taught me to speak, who was in his youth an inland man, one that knew courtship too well, for there he fell in love. I have heard him read many lectures against it." Although a lie, Rosalind uses this sly and deceptive speech to give herself the excuse to sound educated and the ability to discuss love.

    • Word count: 1125
  4. "In As You Like It Shakespeare weaves delightful variations on the pattern of romantic love." Illustrate and discuss.

    It is true love at first sight, another traditional feature of such a romance. However, a new dimension is added by Rosalind's disguise as Ganymede and her suggestion that Orlando pretend to court her. Orlando's attraction to her in her boyish guise is unexpected and sets the audience into fits of laughter. His gradual progression from a brusque retort to Ganymede's cheeky question, "I pray you, what is't o'clock?" to interest, as indicated by his questions about who time trots, ambles, and gallops with, to attraction, as can be seen by his addressing Ganymede as "pretty youth", and sentences laden

    • Word count: 1504
  5. Support the view that Shakespeare is examining different kinds of love and marriage in As You Like It

    Rosalind then runs off into the forest of Arden dressed as a man called Ganymede. Orlando also flees to the forest where he writes ridiculous love poems and posts them on trees for Rosalind to find. Rosalind, dressed as Ganymede, then becomes friends with Orlando and gives him advice on ways to go about asking her to marry him. She does this by pretending to be Rosalind while dressed as Ganymede. This is so Orlando does not recognise it is her.

    • Word count: 1020

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