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AS and A Level: Andrew Marvell

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  1. Men and women often think, and behave differently in relation to love. Write about 'to his coy mistress' and 'our love now', comparing how poets have presented men's, or women's attitudes

    person. 'Our love now' is a male voiced poem, with female opinions. It is about a man and a woman who have opposing opinions to their relationship, and problems, which through this they could face. 'To his coy mistress' uses many rhetorical devices, including hyperbole (exaggeration) e.g. 'a hundred years should go to praise two hundred to each breast but thirty thousand to the rest. This depicts that he is exaggerating her beauty, and of how much time, if he had it, that he would spend on her. Marvell also uses flattery 'now therefore, while the youthful hue sits on thy skin like morning dew'.

    • Word count: 921
  2. To what extent is it true to say that the Countryside is presented in an idealised way? Discuss in reference to "The Mower" compared to "Gardens".

    The Garden itself, in modern interpretation would connote a place of beauty and tranquillity. Marvell however looks upon the Garden as an unnatural place, the religious connotations of the Garden of Eden- a place of sin where the ?Luxurious man?-Adam, ?Did after him the world seduce?, fell causing the world to fall after him. This reference to the original sin plainly displays the narrators or rather Marvell?s disdain and disapproval of Gardens.

    • Word count: 520

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