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AS and A Level: Sonnets

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  1. An Analysis of Shakespears "Sonnet 106"

    The first part, like the Italian sonnet, presents the problem. The second and third part complicated this situation further. Then the last part, the rhyming couplet, resolves the presented problem usually in a way that makes it a paradox. Sonnets are written in a strict rhyming and meter scheme. Iambic pentameter is used as a device in writing sonnets. This means that each line has ten syllables that alternate from hard to soft tones. The rhyming scheme for English sonnets is abab cdcd efef and gg for the rhyming couplet. We will be taking a look on Shakespeare's "Sonnet 106".

    • Word count: 599
  2. "in the park"

    The woman's children "whine and bicker" which shows us that she may have lost interest in her children and is not giving them enough attention as they "tug her skirt". Another child is very bored with herself that is shown through drawing "aimless patterns in the dirt", this notion of boredom reflects directly on the life on the disheartened woman. The last line is very important, it shows us that that the woman has no self-confidence and no will to change things either.

    • Word count: 698
  3. How does the poet convey his admiration for the young man's beauty in sonnets 7 and 19? Collectively, the first section of Shakespeare's sonnets tends to primarily

    The sun's rising in the morning symbolizes the young man's youthful years. Just as the rest of the world watch the "sacred majesty" of the ever-heightening sun, this is how the poet views the young man, showing how in awe of the young man the he is. The sun's highest point in the sky resembles "strong youth in his middle age", however, after the sun reaches its peak, it has to descend. This downward movement represents "feeble age" in the youth. This stage in life is not only when beauty begins to fade, but when the people who looked with admiration at the youth's beauty will "look another way" when he has become old.

    • Word count: 785
  4. William Shakespeare's sonnet 1 - analysis

    I think this line means that humans seek the most desirable humans with whom to reproduce. The speaker then says, "That thereby beauty's rose might never die" (2). The alliteration of the words "That" and "thereby" in line two seem to parallel the alliteration of line one. This stresses that the two lines are connected and helps the audience connect them as well. The poet unnaturally stresses the word "thereby," and this brings attention to its definition of being connected with its following subject the rose.

    • Word count: 997
  5. Compare the way the poets write about love and relationships in "Sonnet" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning and "Sonnet 138" by William Shakespeare

    I believe that Shakespeare has written this sonnet about a mistress rather than his wife, Anne Hathaway, because the untruthfulness in the relationship shows a lack of commitment between the two lovers. In these poems, the attitudes of the poets to their relationships and partners are extremely different. When Browning says, "I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach", she implies that she cannot live without her lover, so of course this is why she stays with him.

    • Word count: 829
  6. Sonnet 130 - review.

    The line itself is deliberately awkward as it contains six syllables instead of the usual five and so gives an unconventional rhythm which is accentuated by the alliteration on the <r>. Moreover the linking images of the coral and snow would suggest that Shakespeare's mistress may not show any true passion for him and she remains cold and detached These first lines pay no flattery to Shakespeare's mistress as he is deliberately making the statement that she is not beautiful: her eyes are not bright, her lips are not beautifully red, her skin is a dull colour and her hair is thick, coarse and wiry.

    • Word count: 968
  7. In the poem 'Song for the Old Ones' Maya Angelou explores (QUESTION) by using the development of theme and the technique of imagery.

    Throughout the poem 'Song for the Old Ones,' I found there to be three strong themes - oppression, slavery and sacrifice. Oppression is an issue which Maya Angelou describes in most of her poetry as well as this particular piece. She successfully portrays oppression by using effective word-choice such as "They've laughed to shield their crying then shuffled through their dreams." This quotation shows that as Blacks were enslaved they will obviously have experienced a form of oppression; however, Angelou describes this oppression as being the worst kind - a kind that steals your dreams.

    • Word count: 891
  8. Shakespeare...a Feminist?

    as the spring doth yearly grow, My flesh is soft and plump, my marrow burning" The clich´┐Ż, historically and at present, goes something like this: the perfect beauty possesses huge incandescent eyes, large full lips, rosy cheeks, a small delicate nose, and a dainty neck. She's thin and shouldn't look obviously muscular or strong. Her body's contours meet a fairly precise technical specification for softness and curvature, while containing only the minimum amount of fat and flesh necessary.

    • Word count: 577
  9. Imagery in Shakespeare&#146;s Sonnet 18.

    The poet uses a number of images to portray the beauty of the youth. Shakespeare starts the sonnet by implanting an image of a summer's day in our heads. In England Summer is considered to be the most beautiful season. He contemplates whether or not to compare the youth to this ideal day, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" But decides against it in his second line because he feels that the youth is "more lovely and more temperate" than this day.

    • Word count: 891
  10. The Perseption of Parent - Child Relationships In the Sonnets By George Eliot and Sir Walter Ralegh.

    They are different ideas though, as in George Eliot's sonnet she is a young, innocent child listening to her mother talk to her and her brother, where as in Sir Ralegh's sonnet he is much older and has the task of explaining life to his son and what he should avoid. Both sonnets are similar as both are Shakespearean sonnets as they follow the pattern of three quatrains and a final cuplet. But the ideas portrayed are different. In George Eliot's sonnet the first quatrain explains the background to what is happening.

    • Word count: 991
  11. Compare and contrast Shakespeare&#146;s Sonnet 130 with Benjamin Zephanaiah&#146;s &#147;Miss World&#148;

    This evidently gives an image of Shakespeare mocking Griffin and other poets that wrote love poems at the time. I think that Zephanaiah, however, is not writing in a regular western structure and rhythm because he wants to break convention. His poem is deeply rhythmic but he clearly avoids using Eurocentric rhyming patterns and structures. This encapsulates an angry atmosphere to the poem. The reggae rhythm is often used to attack western culture. The Caribbean culture used the reggae rhythm to speak out in times of despair when n*****s were persecuted.

    • Word count: 747
  12. Sonnets: Are They More Than What They Seem?

    Stories are created by the larger figures of speech. The larger figures of speech in these sonnets may have different effects on different readers. However, I feel that each sonnet helps the reader to come to a realization about some aspect of life. As long as the reader takes it upon himself to find the story within the sonnets and think about it, he should find a deeper meaning behind the sonnet. The images in Wadsworth's, The World Is Too Much With Us, create a larger figure of speech that attempts to show the reader that society takes nature for granted and Wadsworth feels we should not.

    • Word count: 705

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