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AS and A Level: George Orwell

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  1. George Orwell, one of English literatures most important and famous writers, draws the picture of a dystopia in one of his best known novels 1984. Being considered as a warning against totalitarianism, it is also possible to say that the novel puts fo

    In 1984 he translates this situation in to the future by adding details that are unfamiliar (57). Thus, it becomes possible to say that as a result of the world's existing state at the time Orwell wrote 1984, he was deeply concerned about the future and that his pessimist attitude in his novel acted as a warning and as a criticism of totalitarian regimes. Adriaan M. De Lange, in his book The Influence of Political Bias in Selected Essays of George Orwell says, "The rise of Fascism, Nazism and Stalinist communism in Europe and the resultant tremors in Britain left an indelible mark on Orwell's thought and work (1)."

    • Word count: 4729
  2. GEORGE ORWELL A comparative study of Burmese Days, Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty- Four

    Imperalism, he wrote, at the end of his change, was an evil thing, and the sooner he chucked his job and got out of it the better. He says, he was all for the Burmese and all against their British oppressors. Back in London he settled down in a grotty bedroom in Potobello Road. There at the age of twenty- four, he started to teach himself how to write. In spring of 1928 he turned his back on his own inherited values, by taking a drastic step.

    • Word count: 9231

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