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AS and A Level: Fyodor Dostoevsky

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Analysis of Italian novel I'm not Scared

    3 star(s)

    Also proving to be an influential character is the kidnapped Fillipo who is discovered by Michele in a hole. Fillipo is a young boy whose dramatic contrast in upbringing compared to Michele makes for an absorbing relationship between the pair. The main protagonist of the book is 9 year old Michele Armatti. Michele is a boy strongly connected around family values and the concept of "Machismo". "Machismo" being a popular attitude that was installed in Italian culture at the time and is clearly witnessed in the book.

    • Word count: 1633
  2. The importance of hair straighteners

    It would be a total of ten kilometres there and another ten back. The main aim of the trip was to have fun, and in doing so to de-stress and rid us of the boredom of office life. Bright and early at 6 a.m. we set off from the end of our road to depart on our mission. What an adventure we were to undertake. Our first challenge was to direct ourselves out of the village and to travel south to Somerset. With every step we took I became more and more focused on the need for sustenance and could hardly wait for a pit stop that would be a chance to rest our feet and refuel ourselves before restarting our adventure.

    • Word count: 1219
  3. Short descriptive story - the curious robot

    The car stopped in a special way and the four blue robots gathered to the opening of the vehicle. "This is not a Construction Robot, not a Transport Robot, not a Repair Robot, neither a droid or android, ... it is a HUMAN." Answered the transport robot to the small yellow robot. "Wow, a HUMAN! I have never seen one." Said R-62. The human stepped out of the vehicle surrounded by the four escort robots looking a bit small in comparison to the other robots. "What a wimp!" said R-62 after gotten his first impression. "Don't underestimate the humans, they are superior to us robots.

    • Word count: 1085
  4. The Curious Incident Of the Dog in the nightime- Ed Boone speech

    He has received a caution for hitting a policeman who grabbed his arm. Because of this, we've come up with our own little system where we stretch our fingers out into a fan and let our fingers and thumbs touch. This means that we love each other. Another problem is that he screams when he is angry or confused and he smashes things. He has difficulty coping with everyday life and puts his hands over his ears, closes his eyes and curls into a ball. Most of the time, I try to remain calm and patient with him and keep my temper.

    • Word count: 1218
  5. memoirs of a geisha Discuss how the author portrays the life of a geisha in the novel. To what extent does he show it to be a difficult way of life?

    It reveals that the process to become a geisha isn't that bad after all. Nowadays, several assembled works are invested in the geisha image, and every aspect of her ornamentation is symbolic of her status, from her traditional silk kimono to the manner in which herobi, or sash is tied to her wooden clogs and snow-white socks. The more elegant and beautiful the kimono is, the more respectable the geisha who wears it. This shows that a geisha is respectful if she wears more advanced kimono and has a pretty face.

    • Word count: 1833
  6. toll bridge In What Way Are Recognition and Conscious a key theme in the Toll Bridge?

    When Jan had a fever, Tess and Adam spend the night together at the Toll Bridge. Jan was extremely jealous, however, 'instead of anger or jealousy or resentment or envy or hard-on lust ' Jan felt calm. He would not had known that deep feeling about himself now and then, if he had not seen that odd moment, which I find quite repulsive. Being amazed is also one way of recognising ourselves, the way we react and observe. Jan has found out something new about himself by this sudden shock, consciously for the first time. Friendship always begins with 'the bad times and not with the good ones'.

    • Word count: 1241
  7. What Makes Ann A Survivor? - Z for Zachariah By Robert C O'Brian

    I think this is a good thing as, no matter the circumstances, she does what she has to do and gets on with it. Checking the brook for safety using a Geiger counter before drinking: "He asked me, I took it (Geiger counter) across to Burden Creek" and forward thinking, like food and fuel for winter, show she is also sensible and well organised. This is important to the story because if she were a lazy, uneducated character, she most likely would not have survived.

    • Word count: 1617
  8. accidental death of an anarchist plot

    He is this time in trouble for impersonating a psychiatrist and has been charging patients humongous sums of money to perform that of what he is incapable of as he is insane himself. He claims he spent 20 years training in 16 different psychiatric hospitals with the best shrinks in the business this in fact was time spent in psychiatric wards being looked after. As Bertozzo reads from his notes the things that the maniac claims to have done the maniac throws it all back with witty comments each time evading the question and making light of the situation making Bertozzo look more and more stupid.

    • Word count: 1679

    Another reason for why they are together arises from the existentialism of their forgetfulness. Since Estragon cannot remember anything, he needs Vladimir to tell him his history. It is as if Vladimir is establishing Estragon's identity by remembering for him. Estragon also serves as a reminder for Vladimir of all the things they have done together. Thus both men serve to remind the other of his existence. This is necessary since no one else in the play ever remembers them. "Vladimir: we nearly hanged ourselves from it. But you wouldn't. Do you not remember?

    • Word count: 1124
  10. Using Sartre's philosophy of existentialism, how similar are the themes of No Exit and Metamorphosis?

    Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis is about Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into an insect. He repulses his family, who are alarmed by his new form, and spends the rest of his life locked in his room. His presence in the house burdens his family as their source of income has stopped due to Gregor's inability to leave the house. Life for the Samsa family passes slowly until Gregor's death. The first theme is isolation and alienation, the backbone of existentialism. Humans are believed to be isolated from each other and face their life paths alone.

    • Word count: 1654
  11. Village by the SeaAnita Desai Hari's Journey to Bombay

    used to bring flowers to this sacred rock..but he no longer fished, he had sold his boat to pay his debts, her mother was too ill and weak to get out of her bed.". These conditions frustrated his children and made them unable to enjoy their childhood, they became as Hari stated "shriveled adult keeping up with the other adults in a hard world". To start with Hari, Hari is a person who is introduced at the beginning of the novel as a reserved taciturn child, who doesn't like to talk but rather to think.

    • Word count: 1827
  12. Following on from this stage of the Slavetrade work we had to develop our intimidation and fear factors. In order to do this we explore the different ways in which we could show aggression and fear

    him to turn and look at me again, however I remained gentleman like and formal in my stature and movement away from the scene by keeping my back straight and having slow steady paces. Following on from this stage of the Slavetrade work we had to develop our intimidation and fear factors. In order to do this we explore the different ways in which we could show aggression and fear through the use of not only our facial expressions but our physical expressions as well e.g.

    • Word count: 1990
  13. The Indestructibility of Human NatureA Comparative Analysis of the Novels We by E. Zamyatin and One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by A. Solzhenitsyn

    The authors achieve this through various methods, which become obvious after a careful reading. One of the more apparent techniques used is the setting. In Solzhenitsyn's novel the portrayal of the harsh labor camp with inhuman conditions, creates a seemingly uninhabitable environment. Zamyatin in his novel uses as a setting a common ideal of 'the perfect society', a utopia. However we gradually realize that this society is far from perfect, in fact it is the exact opposite, a dystopia. Both settings are unrealistic to the modern reader and are something most people can merely visualize and not even come close to understanding or feeling, let alone relate to.

    • Word count: 1499
  14. Imagine you are Hari representing the villagers. Write a speech of protest to the Chief Minister against Industrialization in the village of Thul.

    Whilst Bombay may already have fallen victim to the juggernaut of modernization, other paradises are at risk! Would you rather live in a paradise or a nightmare? Have any of you ever heard of a place called Thul? No? Well it's my hometown. I have spent all of my life living there. However, in our tiny settlement there are growing, disturbing rumors that a new industrial factory is going to be built. If this factory were to be built, the world as I and my family and all of the people of Thul know it, would be tipped on its head.

    • Word count: 1480
  15. Ict and person with special needs

    She does not want to rely on the goodwill of charities. Some friends, that are able, and social workers, visit Mrs. X in her home to do things that she cannot do, such as the shopping. They also give her lifts to wherever she may need to go. Her friends, family and social workers visit her at home regularly to give her company and read for her and help her with any household chores. Without this support she would struggle to live independently. She receives good benefits, such as, free internet access, some of the latest technologies, all free from the Government, a sheltered home with CCTV cameras to ensure her safety.

    • Word count: 1827
  16. Discuss the themes of Virtu and Fortuna in The Prince

    Over the next few years Machiavelli maintained his position within the Florentine government and was sent on various missions and given many different roles with increasing amounts of authority over Florence. In 1513 Machiavelli is accused of being involved in an anti-Medici conspiracy with the Medici family being rulers of Florence at the time. Machiavelli is then imprisoned for a few months, he retains his innocence throughout prison and is then later released. Machiavelli then retires to a small farm a few miles outside of Florence and begins writing The Prince.

    • Word count: 1554
  17. In the novel 'The House of the Spirits' by Isabel Allende the epilogue is a conclusion to all that has happening in the novel.

    The one of the main themes in the epilogue, and in the entire novel is that of cycles, history repeating itself and fate. Alba has become pregnant, and is renewing the cycle by continuing life, making the end of the story the beginning of another one, the tale of her daughter. It also tells how the novel was written, as it is now revealed that Alba is the unknown narrator telling the story in the third person. This relates the end of the novel back to the start.

    • Word count: 1842
  18. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

    This rendering makes us feel close to them and think of them as our own friends. This makes them interesting and moving. Mikage is a loner. Throughout her life, she has felt separated from others and feels solitude. She says that despite all the love that surrounds us, we are separated by others physically and mentally which makes each one of us separate, alone. She has suffered great losses; she has lost all her family members. However, after moving into the Tanabe's apartment, she becomes hopeful for a better life. Mikage wonders "Wrapped in blankets....in the future" on page 16, that maybe she hadn't wished for all the loneliness, maybe she had been hoping to think about the future.

    • Word count: 1275
  19. Determination

    While I had the idea somewhere in the back of my mind, however, I never gave it direct thought. In each case wherein I made myself work through my fear, whether I was snowboarding down a slope faster than the last time, climbing a difficult rock without the safety of ropes, or even asking a girl out, I never consciously thought about why I made myself do the things which frightened me. With some activities, obviously, having fun was a part of it; while there were other reasons behind it, speeding down the hill or inching up the rock was exhilarating because it was scary.

    • Word count: 1440

    makes his point explicitly on this matter.Regarding the community of the newly discovered land,which is Brasilia and the natives' manners which are innate and not cultivated,he reasons that not to offend the Nature but to yield to Her is the correct behaviour.What makes people corrupt and miserable is their own actions trying to change the Nature for their own pratical use.Although the above mentioned nation seems to be barbarious in modern sense,when looked deeper inside-retaining their originnal naturalness -they turn outto be even much less barbarious compared to the modern man.

    • Word count: 1370
  21. Metamorphosis

    That is where the second image of "looking out" the window comes into play. The looking out symbolizes Gregor's reflection on the liberties he used to posses when he could leave his room, and of the outdoors, there by limiting his experiences. This is supported with the imagery of his vision weakening. The imagery reflects a tone of pessimism, in that Gregor is loosing hope for a recovery. All the imagery serves to sympathies with Gregor because his situation is depicted as bleak. The symbol of Gregor's knowledge is his vision, which is the primary medium for humans gain knowledge.

    • Word count: 1412
  22. Life of a Slave Girl.

    Unfortunately she has no right to tell a white slave owner what to do, but throughout the book, she makes her feelings known to Mr. Norcom. When Jacobs becomes pregnant by a white lawyer, Mrs. Horniblow is very disappointed at her granddaughter, but is not privy to the amount of abuse she is receiving from Norcom. Jacobs eventually has two children, and due to the laws of slaves in place, they too become property of the young daughter of Dr.

    • Word count: 1354
  23. In No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sartre - review

    First, Garcin believes that Valet is the torturer. Then, Inez thinks likewise about Garcin until Garcin disproves this and tells her that he is not the torturer by merely a fellow companion. "Inez: You? Why, the torturer, of course. Garcin: Well, that's a good one! Too comic for words. I the torturer! So you came in, had a look at me, and thought I was one of the staff. Of course, it's that silly fellow's fault; he should have introduced us. A torturer indeed! I'm Joseph Garcin, journalist and man of letters by profession.

    • Word count: 1514
  24. What are the views and values conveyed by the author in The Village by the sea? Support your answer with close reference to the text.

    Here they author is conveying the idea of pride and perhaps even guilt. Hari feels that since he is the 'man' of the family now, with his father being asleep all day not bothered with his family, he feels that he must pursue his job in order to support his family which is seen to be his job now despite him being a mere twelve years old. This is done by the determination and positive stubbornness emitted by Hari's character.

    • Word count: 1239
  25. Brighton rock - In Part 7 Chapter 9, How Effectively Does Graham Greene Present this Episode to us and Do Your Feelings for Pinkie Change At All?

    Rose then starts to become unsure. "She could always escape- if he didn't change his mind. Nothing was decided. They could go in the car wherever he wanted them to go; she could take the gun from his hand, and even then - at the last moment of all - she needn't shoot." I feel slightly angry towards Pinkie here, as you realise how it would feel to be Rose at this point in time, and that he is forcing her to do this, and she is completely oblivious to the fact that Pinkie has no intention to follow.

    • Word count: 1097

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