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AS and A Level: Fyodor Dostoevsky

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  1. A day in the life

    To block out this pain, I bring into action my C.D player, and the musical genius of John, Paul, George and Ringo to lighten my usual, stoned morning being. I poorly imitate 'here comes the sun' through the medium of humming as I approach father's room for dinner money, yet don't go in. With my nostrils as sharp as they are this morning, I fear I would lose consciousness. I fly out of the door, the crisp bite of the air bringing my senses to optimum levels.

    • Word count: 914
  2. Begging and Christianity

    I think that when there is shelters provided for homeless and charities to support them then they shouldn't have the right to go out and beg people for money.Many people say that homeless shelters are too strict and they lose their independance and I have taken this into consideration but I think if they are depending on the public to support them when they are begging ,then to me they have already lost their independance. I think more people should support "The Big Issue" .I think that when a person is getting up and doing something like selling "The Big Issue"they are no longer beggars ,it is just like a newsagents selling newspapers.

    • Word count: 970
  3. Creative Writing : Away

    Gwen is a character who is extremely materialistic, self-obsessed and narrow-minded. Evidence of Change begins to occur in her life after a storm throws her world of complete order and control into chaos. She becomes emotional insecure. Nature is a factor she is unable to control. Nature is an unpredictable occurrence, which she is unable to prepare herself for. Gwen becomes trapped in her own emotional prison and once taken away from the possessions that dominate her life like the stove and the keys which had previously, had caused uproars in her life, she is able to examine herself.

    • Word count: 1871
  4. Angels in America

    Both not only lie to others, but they lie to themselves. Fear is the driving force behind many gay men's secrecy. The fear of how others may view them and the fear of how they will be received is overpowering. Roy Cohn is a powerful, ruthless, well-connected lawyer, and he is also a closet homosexual. The reason for his double life can be traced back to fear of not being excepted. He does not show his fear to anyone, but this is the only reason he would deny his sexuality so much.

    • Word count: 738
  5. Mini Specialist Study: The Day of the Jackal

    From the book's title you are intrigued to understand 'Who' the Jackal is. Yet the novel starts by keeping the identity of the Jackal a mystery. In the early stages of this novel the author keeps us in the dark, actually, to be more precise, he doesn't explain what the Jackal is like; all the information given is that he is a"Blonde Englishman" with a serious interest in very important political characters, and mainly in how to "disable them indefinitely".

    • Word count: 847
  6. Cannibals - Why do they do it?

    Is it simply a brain imbalance in these few or a human instinct which we have been morally forced into denying? Cannibalism is not a new subject and can be followed through the ages. Archaeologists are finding shocking proof that our once thought to be civilised ancestors, were not exactly civilised to our standards. Yes our predecessors ate each other, even in Britain! We all know of stories of tropical tribes who dabbled in cannibalism. There are many cultures throughout the world which until recently had cannibalism as a "normal" way of life.

    • Word count: 842
  7. Heroes to Learn From - My Dad

    For that reason he spends lots of times on the web, reading books or taking courses. Even though he needs most of it for his job, I feel very proud to have a father that knows so much. I hope that one day I will be able to over take him. There are lots of ways I could acquire this. It could be by taking courses to learn new sports, new things about computers or new languages. Searching the web to find out information on certain topics, get extra help you might need to learn how it's done or just to find out what's happing in the world.

    • Word count: 771

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